Friday, June 05, 2009

Ragging crusade, with music video

A Delhi NGO working with a Supreme Court anti-ragging panel has released the country’s first known music video on the subject, and its strains can be heard across campuses.
CURE — Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education — has been assisting the committee, headed by former CBI director R.K. Raghavan in keeping track of alleged ragging incidents over the past year. “This video hopes to capture the pain and trauma faced by the victims, and we believe, it must be seen by one and all,” said Harsh Agarwal, who is one of CURE’s founding members.
The video has been sent to several Delhi University colleges. The lyrics talk of the difficulties faced by the victims in getting complaints registered with police, or in convincing teachers to support them. The video’s protagonist, stripped and humiliated, talks of how he felt like a “slave”.
et, during the “ragging season” at the start of an academic session, the victim says: “Revenge I could seek, and gain; But customs have to change, Coz I... feel the pain.”

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