Friday, December 29, 2006

[Telegraph] Ragging juniors? Go for therapy


New Delhi, Dec. 24: Watch it, all you students who rag your juniors. Next time you are caught in the act, you might be sent to a counsellor for therapy.

For, ragging might soon come to be redefined as harassment and not a “prank” played by a bully, if the human resource development ministry has its way.

The committee set up by the ministry to stop ragging on campus has a tough agenda on hand: how to stop a practice that is not only becoming more and more vicious but also more widespread.

To get to the bottom of the matter, the committee has decided to do more than skim the surface of the problem: study the psychological and social profile of the student who bullies and humiliates his juniors.

The inputs will help formulate recommendations that may be framed into a law or a set of guidelines mandatory for each institution.

Work is already under way. Psychologists, sociologists and legal experts are going to make presentations before the committee at a meeting on January 2.

“We want to understand what are the factors motivating this nasty ragging,” said Rajendra Prasad, principal of Ramjas College. He conceded such incidents were on the rise and there were hardly any deterrents.

“The students who do this most are bright students in professional institutions who score over 90 per cent marks in their exams. We want to understand their social background,” Prasad said.

One school of thought has questioned why ragging should not be described as a form of sexual harassment as, very often, the bullying gets to be sexually offensive. “Why should the punishment not be as severe?” a committee member asked.

At present, there are no legal deterrents against ragging. The decision on how to deal with an offender is left to individual institutions. An offender could be debarred from attending college for a while, let off with a warning or even expelled.

The committee on ragging could change all this. It may come up with a blueprint for action that may act as a deterrent to ragging. There will be stringent punishment in case the committee decides to redefine ragging as a serious offence.

Jitendra Nagpal, a psychologist in Vimhans who is expected to make a presentation at the January meeting, said: “These students test the limits that are not demarcated by law.”

In the last two years, Nagpal has counselled students who have been traumatised by ragging.

Prasad said ragging very often left students with an impaired personality. Several students chose to suffer in silence, did not report the case and lived with the humiliation, he said.

The committee is also seeking the opinion of student leaders. “When we say student leaders, we mean mature students who have held some kind of responsible office,” Prasad said.

Ragini Nayyar, former Delhi University Students’ Union president, is expected to interact with the committee.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Anti-Ragging Commitee Takes Charge

Ministry of Human Resource Development

17:35 IST

Pursuant to an order by the Supreme Court of India in the matter of University of Kerala vs. the Council of Principals, a committee had been constituted to give suggestions on the means of prevention of ragging in educational institutions. The committee consisting of Shri R.K. Raghavan, former Director, CBI as Chairperson, Prof. S.G. Dhande, Director, IIT, Kanpur, Dr. A.K. Agarwal, Dean Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Principal, Ramjas College, New Delhi and Shri Sunil Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi (Member-Convenor) was required to nominate two other persons (one from Chennai and another from Mumbai) to the Committee.

Under its terms of reference, the Committee is expected inter alia to examine the means and methods of prevention of ragging, possible action that can be taken against persons indulging in ragging as also against college/university authorities in the event of ragging. In a preliminary meeting to finalise its methodology and to proceed further, the Committee has decided to hold a series of public discussions on all aspects relevant to the problem of ragging at Delhi, Chennai, Bhopal, Patna, Cochin, Guwahati, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. The Committee would also invite inputs from relevant experts, academics and other stake-holders including students.

The Committee has also co-opted Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy, Vice-Chancellor, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and Prof. S. Sathikh, former Vice-Chancellor, Madras University, Chennai to be members of the Committee in compliance of the order of the Supreme Court.

The Committee has invited suggestions from all cross sections of the public in respect of issues pertaining to its terms of reference. All those interested to provide inputs may send the same through email to Written suggestions may also be addressed to Director (Higher Education), Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Room No.522-C, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi 110 001. The schedule for public discussions as well as meetings with various stake-holders would be notified separately.


Ministry of Human Resource Development PIB,New Delhi: December 22, 2006/Pausa 01, 1928


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[HT] SC sets up panel to check ragging

Satya Prakash
New Delhi, November 27, 2006

The Supreme Court on Monday set up a seven-member panel headed by former CBI Director RK Raghavan to suggest measures within four months to check the ragging menace which claimed several lives in the recent past on various college/university campuses across the country.

A Bench headed by Justice Arijit Pasayat, which had in September last accepted the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations on cleansing the students' union elections, also approved the names of other members on the panel proposed by the Centre.

Additional Solicitor General Gopal Subramanian told the court that the Government wanted Director of IIT Kanpur, Principal of Maulana Azad Medical Medical College Delhi and Principal of Ramjas College of Delhi University to be on the panel.

Accepting the names, the Bench said these would select the rest two experts- one each from Mumbai and Chennai while Human Resource Ministry Joint Secretary Sunil Kumar would be the Member Convener of the committee. It asked the Centre to notify the committee forthwith.

The states have also been directed to appoint one person each to assist the committee and bring to its notice issues and material relevant to the exercise.

Directing the panel to go to the root of the problem and suggest measures and modalities to prevent/check it, the Bench gave four months to it to complete the task.

It also asked the committee to suggest what stern action could be taken against the students engaged in ragging and the authorities of educational institutions where such ragging takes place.

The court noted with concern that after it started hearing the matter, about 24 students, including the son of an IIT Principal had lost lives due to excessive ragging on college/university campuses in various parts of the country.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Kerala Govt issues tough guidelines against ragging

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 24: Taking a tough stand, the Kerala government today announced guidelines against ragging in educational institutions and said those found guilty could face upto two years imprisonment.

As per the guidelines, those found guilty of indulging in or instigating ragging would have to face criminal charges with imprisonment upto two years and a fine of Rs 10,000, an official press release said here.

The students found guilty of ragging within or outside the institution would be expelled from the institution and debarred from admission to any other institution for three years, the guidelines said.

The heads of institutions should inquire into complaints within seven days of receiving them from parents or teachers and those found prima facie guilty should be immediately suspended. After the preliminary probe, the complaints should be referred to the nearest police station for further proceedings.

The guidelines were issued on the basis of reports of ragging in some of the educational institutions, which were brought to the government's notice, the release said.

--- PTI

Monday, November 13, 2006

[Hindu] Crime in the name of fun

Innocent fun or sadistic crime? `Ragging' describes a range of student activities and defies any one definition. Those who defend ragging as a natural part of college life and those who condemn it as a heinous crime are talking of very different things that go by the same name. The real problem is that what might begin as silly banter between two batches of students could easily degenerate into inhuman violence on college campuses that are not adequately supervised by educational authorities. By asking the Central Government to constitute a high-power committee to look into the problem of ragging in educational institutions, the Supreme Court has taken an important step in ensuring that unacceptable behaviour in the name of ragging rituals is kept out of campuses. The remit of the committee, to be headed by the former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, R.K. Raghavan, is to suggest measures to end ragging-related violence. While forming the committee, the Government should keep in mind the peculiarities of the problem, and nominate educationists, sociologists, psychologists, and parents and victims. A broad-based panel is essential to end the tendency among administrators to treat ragging as merely another instance of student indiscipline.

Several lives have been lost and many careers ruined on account of ragging — students unable to stand the humiliation of ragging have either taken their lives or quit their institutions within the first few months. The truth is that ragging is steeped in a pernicious student culture handed down from one batch to another. Perversely, this year's victims are next year's offenders. A self-perpetuating, vicious cycle of violence is formed, with senior students, especially those in the second year, targeting first-year juniors for ragging. Some colleges and hostels have `traditional' initiation ceremonies, which are seen as a way of making friends and facilitating interaction between seniors and juniors. Ragging, in many institutions, requires juniors to do menial jobs and even `home work' for the seniors. Professional colleges and residential institutions are especially prone to ragging. One inescapable conclusion is that students facing academic pressures find a vent in it when they get long hours away from the eyes of parents and teachers. Many States have specific laws against ragging, and in Tamil Nadu college administrators too will be held responsible under the Tamil Nadu Prevention of Ragging Act, 1997, if they fail to prevent ragging in their institutions. Tough laws and strict supervision can certainly help control ragging, but the committee empowered by the Supreme Court needs to find ways to attack the very basis of the culture of ragging.

[Hindu] Engineering student hangs himself

Parents suspect ragging to be the reason for son's death

HYDERABAD: Engineering student S.P. Manoj, 17, hanged himself in his private hostel room here at Langer Houz on Thursday.

While the victim's family members suspect that ragging could have driven Manoj to suicide, the Langer Houz police said they were yet to begin investigation on this angle. Manoj's father, S.P. George Varaprasad, and brother-in-law Vijay Kumar started from Palvancha in Khammam district to the city on learning about his death.

Speaking to the The Hindu over phone, Mr Vijay Kumar said he and the victim's parents strongly believed that ragging led to Manoj's death. Mr Varaprasad rang up Manoj on Wednesday but got worried, as the latter sounded tense and wept.

"My son said he was worried about ragging but could not give much details," Kumar quoted the victim's father as saying. A first year B.Tech. student of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology at Narsingi on the city's fringes, the victim was living in Anupama hostel in Langer Houz.

Manoj did not attend college on Thursday, and in the evening his roommates found his body hanging from the ceiling.

Friday, November 10, 2006

[NDTV] Army cadet puts in papers after ragging

Nilesh Thakkar

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 (Vadodara):

In yet another case of ragging at the Officers' Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai, cadet Digvijay Singh Kharb has put in his papers alleging misconduct on the part of his senior colleagues.

The move comes days after another cadet committed suicide, allegedly due to stress and harassment.

For as long as he can remember, Digvijay Singh wanted to join the Army and serve the nation in the footsteps of his father Colonel Fateh Singh.

Now he's back home after being ragged by his course seniors.

The OTA at Chennai, where Digvijay was undergoing training, has the reputation of being one of the toughest courses in the Armed Forces.

"Senior cadets asked us to sit on the armrest of the chair. Two people were to share one armrest and not only that, you also had to move. The cadet sitting next to me lost his balance. I fainted and fell," said Digvijay Singh, Cadet, Officers Training Academy.

Handling stress

This is the second time the OTA has been in the news in the past week. A few days back Asad Nair, a gentleman cadet at the Academy, committed suicide.

He had only recently joined the course at the OTA and shortly after told his father that he wanted to leave the Academy. His coursemate Digvijay feels Asad couldn't handle the stress and pressure.

"He (Asad) was thrown in the pool even after he said he didn't know how to swim. He was taken out at the last moment. A week later he committed suicide," said Digvijay Singh.

Digvijay's father Colonel Fateh Singh now feels his son is better off pursuing another career.

"He called and said Papa I can't lead this life. I said come back, no problem. It's not his foolishness but because of other people's mismanagement, " said Colonel Fateh Singh, Digvijay’s father.

In Digvijay's case at least, the Army Headquarters says he couldn't handle the pressure and therefore put in his papers.

As far as they're concerned, he's a civilian now. It's still more than what the Army did in the Asad suicide case.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

[NDTV] SC asks Centre to tackle ragging

NDTV Correspondent

Monday, November 6, 2006 (New Delhi):

The Supreme Court constitutes a committee to prevent ragging in educational institutions.

The committee to be headed by former CBI Director RK Raghavan will suggest ways to curb ragging menace in educational institutions.

The Bench has asked the Centre to constitute a committee on the lines of one, which recently came out with a slew of steps to curb violence and use of money power in the elections to university student unions.

The court has granted the Centre a period of three weeks to take action in this regard.

Other members of the committee will be decided by the Centre.

Meanwhile, Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh has welcomed the Supreme Court's direction to curb ragging.

"The observation of the court is welcome and we would render all help for it. These incidents (of ragging) influence all and have drawn attention of everyone including the court," Singh said.

He also added that his ministry was ready to render all necessary help in this regard. (With PTI inputs)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ragging: 17 yr old at MCH

KOZHIKODE: A student of the MS Teachers Training Centre at Ranni in Pathanamthitta was admitted to the Kozhikode Medical College due to alleged ragging. Senior students in the name of ragging on October 14, a day after he joined the institute, allegedly manhandled Vipinlal, 17, son of Pulikkumadathil Chekkoti, hailing from Payyoli in Kozhikode.

It is learnt that some senior students had even forced Vipinlal to take alcohol. His family, after knowing about the incident, brought him back home and admitted him initially to the Koyilandy Government hospital and later to the Medical College Hospital.

[Hindu] Ragging triggers violence in UIT Venjaramoodu

Thiruvananthapuram: At least one person was injured and Government property damaged when two groups of students clashed at the University Institute of Technology (UIT) at Venjaramoodu on Thursday afternoon.

M. Anil Kumar, Sub-Inspector of Police, Venjaramoodu, said the violence started when a group of third semester B.Sc. students ragged a fresher. On the basis of a complaint given by the Principal, the police arrested Ajeesh and Renjith on the charge of ragging Ram Rejith, a first semester B.Com. student. The police have booked the senior students on charges of assault, wrongful restraint and violation of the Prohibition of Ragging Act.

Incensed over the ragging incident, the first semester students attacked the classrooms of their seniors and caused damage to Government property.

One first year student, identified as N.S. Shan, was injured in the violence. The police have stepped up patrolling to prevent any further violence.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

[ChennaiOnline] Alleged victim of ragging dies

Bhubaneswar, Oct 18: A first-year pharmacy student died here under suspicious circumstances last night, hours after a fresher alleged that he was seriously injured after being pushed from the second floor of his hostel building.

Bijay Kumar Maharathi, a first-year student at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a private institution, who stayed in the hostel, died at a private hospital here last night, police said.

Maharathi was taken to the Capital Hospital here after he complained of headache and nausea and as his condition deteriorated, he was shifted to Kalinga Hospital where he died.

Police said a relative of the student complained that the boy was being subjected to torture in the hostel which could have led to his death. The entire incident was being inquired into, they said adding the body had been sent for post-mortem.

Meanwhile, inquiry was on into the injury suffered by Shivshankar Ash, a student of Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, after he was allegedly pushed from the second floor roof of his hostel on October 10.

The incident has sent shockwaves across the state and the government has sought a report from the university authorities.

Ash, a first year student of agriculture, who suffered serious injuries in his leg and spine, is being shifted to Bangalore for treatment, family sources in Sambalpur said. (Agencies)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[HT] Boy critical after brutal ragging

Sambalpur, October 16, 2006

In an alleged incident of ragging, a student of the Orissa University of Agriculture Technology (OUAT) in Bhubaneswar suffered serious spinal injuries and broke both his legs after allegedly being pushed off the hostel terrace by his seniors.

Siba Shankar Ash, a first year student of BSc Agriculture, is currently being treated in a private nursing home here. He will be taken to Bangalore on Tuesday, family sources said.

On October 10, Siba was in his hostel room when some seniors allegedly summoned him to the terrace. He was warned that if he did not come immediately, he would be subjected to severe ragging. “Siba said someone pushed him down from the fourth floor,” his uncle Tuhin Ash said.

The ragging had reportedly been going on from the start of the academic year. Siba had just got back after spending the puja holidays in Sambhalpur.

Siba was first taken to the Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar by some classmates and then to MKCG Hospital in Cuttack. Later, his family members brought him to Sparsh Nursing Home in Modipara. Doctors treating him here said Siba had suffered serious spinal injuries and would have to be taken to Bangalore. At present, Siba is not in a condition to talk.

Meanwhile, the OUAT authorities have not taken any action against those responsible. PK Mohapatra, dean, College of Agriculture, said they had asked Siba's classmates how he had fallen but they had not said anything about ragging. “However, if the family complains and Siba gives us names, we will definitely take action,” Mohapatra said.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

[NewIndPress] Fear of ragging looms over campuses

Monday October 9 2006 14:02 IST

T’PURAM: With another academic year beginning in professional colleges, ragging has reared its ugly head.

Many students who have got admitted to professional colleges, especially in North Kerala, have been forced to seek admission in private lodges outside the campus for fear of being ragged. Fearing the prospect of ragging, certain institutions have also taken the extra caution of not admitting freshers in college hostels.

The classes for MBBS and BDS courses began on September 30. The classes for engineering, BPharm, architecture and medical and allied courses other than MBBS and BDS would commence on Monday.

Several educational institutions are also planning to sensitise the newly-admitted students on ragging.

In the most sensational ragging case during the last academic year, the police had filed a chargesheet against nine students of the School of Medical Education under the Mahatama Gandhi University for allegedly ragging a 17-year-old girl student. Following this, colleges across the state observed an ‘Anti-ragging day’ on December 6.

According to the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1998, any student who who is found to have committed the crime can be sentenced to two years imprisonment and slapped with a fine of Rs 10,000.

Such students would face dismissal and would not be admitted to any other institution for a period of three years from the date of dismissal.

If a case of ragging is reported from an institution, the Act mandates that the head of the institution should investigate the case within seven days.

If prima-facie evidence is found, the student should be suspended and the case reported to the police.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Sujit Saraf

The writer is a California-based filmmaker and playwright whose first novel, The Peacock Throne, is due next year. He studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, between 1987 and ’92

I went to IIT Delhi in 1987. I was a small-town boy from Bihar, intimidated by tall buildings and the steady stream of traffic. Even now, after the Internet and all that, I meet people in my town who, when told about my college, respond: iti? Ek hamaare yahaan bhi hai.

When I arrived at my hostel on the IIT campus, I found a notice posted in the lobby, saying: ‘Ragging is banned in the Institute’. I had come with horrible stories of ragging in mind, told by friends, relatives and well-wishers. My father, whose knowledge of college life was 30 years out of date, wrote me to say that I was to ‘take care to avoid rigging in IIT’. I remember he misspelt the word, and he seemed to think my participation was voluntary.

I entered my hostel and was given my room. Ten minutes later, I was on my knees with a leash around my neck, reciting the hostel pledge, which granted every senior the right to f*** me in the arse, then break it into eight thousand pieces, mash some into bharta, and feed the rest to the hostel warden’s dogs.

It sounds funny now, even to me.

We did many things in that one month that now appear harmless and amusing. We stood on benches in the dining hall and recited the national anthem; we crawled on all fours and barked like dogs; we brought cigarettes and Campa Cola for our seniors; we cleaned their rooms; we dropped our trousers so they could measure our penises; we formed human trains — each car holding the penis of the car in front — and whistled our way through hostel corridors; we simulated orgies; stripped naked; then wore underpants over our trousers to turn ourselves into comic book phantoms.

After so many years, I can list all these forms of ‘ragging’ dispassionately, but no one should be misled. Brutality and oppression remain just that, no matter the name used for them. Who were these seniors, and why did they humiliate us so? They seemed powerful then, but they were boys like us, older by a year or two or three. They had once endured similar humiliations. Their seniority in the hostel gave them, for the first time in their lives, power over other human beings — power to command fear, to subjugate and humiliate. They exercised this power with abandon, and they had developed countless theories — from the facetious to the philosophical — to support their sadism. Ragging forces you to stay up late, they said, and this is useful when preparing for difficult examinations. Ragging brings the freshman — or the fachcha — into intimate contact with peers and seniors, and this turns the hostel into a home. Ragging helps the freshman lose his inhibitions. And finally, ragging teaches you humility. It prepares you for the ‘real’ world. Presumably, if you are insulted a sufficient number of times in college, you acquire the virtue of patience, and when your boss insults you in the real world, like a well-trained dog you will not bark and lose your job. Instead, you will wag your tail, look the other way, and pretend the abuse was meant for someone else. Our seniors proclaimed — and some actually believed — that this was wisdom acquired through age and experience, and they were now anxious to pass it down to us. Many were genuinely surprised that we were not grateful for the favour.

As time passed, so did memories of our humiliation. Six months later, ragging was merely an amusing episode. Twelve months later, we felt it was our duty to prepare the next batch for life. We ragged them ferociously, and were genuinely surprised that they were not grateful. I launched a ‘stop ragging’ campaign that died quickly when neither my batchmates nor the freshmen showed enthusiasm. My batchmates now had happy memories of their own initiation. For freshmen, it was easier to ‘get it over with’ than be ostracised for the rest of their stay on campus. When they were led on leashes, some had ingratiating smiles on their faces.

Everyone was wrong. I was supposed to come closer to my peers after our mutual penis-measuring ceremony. Shared humiliation was supposed to draw us close together. Instead it shut us into shells and ruined our first forays into adulthood. Now, having travelled the world and passed through many stages in life, I have never found any use for the education my seniors gave me. But, of course, they had no inkling of the real world themselves. They were newly pubescent boys who fancied themselves to be men. Their lesson of life came down to the scrutiny of the shrivelled-up penis of a modest teenager brought up by conservative parents, standing naked amidst ten soulless boys, his trousers wrapped about his ankles. Ragging is a case study for Freud, nothing more.

IIT had a disciplinary committee of professors — we called it disco — who policed ragging by making surprise visits to hostels. Their white Maruti van was announced well in advance by a freshman posted at the entrance, so the wise professors might find a senior giving freshmen an innocent tutorial on IIT life. The disco spent much time in meetings and consumed many cups of chai. Its function was to manage ragging — not stop it — and to prevent incidents from ballooning into ‘cases’. Like all committees it was inept, so we had one or two cases every year, which resulted in the expulsion of those who ‘overstepped the bounds’, after which everyone was satisfied that something had been done.

Even if faculty and students were sincere about stopping ragging, it is unlikely they will succeed. I remember how we sniggered at lectures on ethics. Years later, when I was as an assistant professor at IIT, I asked my freshmen students how I could help them escape ragging. There’s no such thing nowadays, they said with straight faces.

There is little or no ragging on American college campuses. By this I do not mean that Indians have a monopoly on brutality. One of my friends at Berkeley nearly died during a vodka-drinking hazing ritual in his fraternity. But most students do not become members of fraternities. For them, the very concept of ragging is unknown. In my dormitory at Berkeley, newcomers went on an overnight retreat with seniors, had coffee-socials, played racquetball and watched football games together. Humiliation was not a requirement for breaking the ice.

Why does this not happen in Indian colleges? The answer perhaps lies outside the campus. American college students are adults, and are treated as such. They do not spring up with a ‘Sir’ when professors walk in, they are encouraged to argue and protest. Many are already in their twenties and most have to earn or borrow for their education, unlike Indian boys who have been dispatched to college by loving parents on a cushion of money and support.

A college campus cannot exist outside the system that enfolds it. Many of the frustrations that a boy expresses through ragging are brought from the world outside. Given a chance to release those feelings, he will. You cannot expel every senior who humiliates a freshman. However, if Indian students were shown the respect due to adults, they may begin to find ragging juvenile. For instance, there remains no reason in the 21zzz century to segregate voting-age adults by sex. Boys and girls should live in the same hostels, come and go as they please and enjoy every privilege an adult is entitled to. Should they break the law, they’ll receive punishment. This may create conditions that make ragging seem quaint and allow it to wither away by itself.

Oct 14 , 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

[KhaleejTimes] 7 girls linked to ragging asked to vacate hostel

3 October 2006

AHMEDABAD — Seven senior girl students of the Fine Arts faculty of Vadodara’s famed MS University, who were responsible for last month’s ragging incident in the girls hostel, have been asked to vacate the hostel. A fine of Rs1,000 was also imposed on them.

In another surprise action, 27 senior girls who remained mute spectators when five freshers were being forced to perform vulgar dances, were also told to pay a fine of Rs500 and warned against supporting ragging activities in future.

Parents of the seven girls expelled from the hostel, were informed in advance and the chief warden of the hostel was shown the door soon after the shameful incident.

A student-teacher committee formed after the victimised girls gave written complaints, probed the first-of-its-kind, shocking case and submitted its report. The report blamed the seven final-year students for ‘torturing’ the five first-year students during a birthday party in the dining hall of the hostel.
The seniors had also compelled the junior students to answer their ‘obscene questions put to them with obscene gestures’.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

[NewIndPress] Yet another case of ragging surfaces

Wednesday September 27 2006 14:17 IST

BHADRACHALAM: Yet another incident of ragging surfaced at the Paul Raj Engineering College here today after the college physical director Karunakar filed a complaint over ragging of juniors to police.

The complaint was filed against two senior students.Sub-inspector Ch Deva Reddy warned the seniors and later let them free.

Meanwhile, tension prevailed on the college premises after the senior students staged a dharna at the college alleging that they have been implicated by the physical director. Police stepped in to quell the situation.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

[CNN-IBN] Ragging accused commits suicide

Indore: A college student, caught and detained for ragging other students, has allegedly committed suicide by jumping in front of a running train, police said on Saturday.

Ashok Choudhary, a BSc final year student at the Holkar Science College, was caught by Principal N K Dhakad while ragging other students on September 20 and was handed over to police.

He was detained along with two other students during the entire day at the police station.

They were let off at night after the Principal's intervention.

Ashok, who hailed from Mandsaur and was putting up at the hostel in the college. He went missing the next day and after searching for him for two days, a complaint was registered.

The police found his dead body at the Manik Railway crossing on September 21.

Meanwhile, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) workers held the Principal and the district Youth Congress President responsible for the suicide.

ABVP workers on Saturday staged a chakkajam in front of the Holkar

college demanding suspension of the principal and compensation to the family members of the deceased student besides an inquiry into the matter.

Collector Vivek Agrawal and other senior officers reached the spot and held discussions with the agitators following which the chakkajam was given up.

Later, Mr Agrawal told reporters that a magisterial inquiry would be ordered into the matter.

He recommended that the principal of the college be either sent on leave or transfered until the inquiry report arrived.

He said necessary action would be taken after arrival of the report.

[New Kerala] Girl ragged, women commission orders probe

Raipur, Sep 21: Chhattisgarh Women Commission has ordered a probe Thursday into alleged ragging of an 18-yr-old engineering college girl student by senior students, who also prepared a sleaze CD of the victim.

The probe order was issued a day after the girl had been admitted to a government hospital late Wednesday here.

A doctor said: "She is unable to speak and falls unconscious frequently. She has been admitted to the mental ward."

"A high level probe has been ordered Thursday. We have reports that seniors, mostly girls ragged Manisha Verma, three days back," Sudha Verma, chairperson of the Chhattisgarh Women Commission told IANS.

The girl was enrolled this year in July in the first year at the Bilaspur Engineering College, 110 km from here. She was staying at the college hostel along with 35 other girl students.

"I will be able to give details only after the probe is completed. But whatever inputs we have, the girl was extremely tortured and the seniors allegedly prepared a sleaze CD of the student. But inputs have to be crosschecked by local authorities," Verma said.

"I met the girl in the government hospital. She is critical and was uttering 'please forgive me'. The commission will not spare anyone who tortured the girl," the chairperson said.

Meanwhile, the police in Bilaspur have maintained 'silence' over the whole incident.

"We are collecting details. We cannot say what happened exactly to Manisha. The seniors said she was reluctant to stay in hostel," a senior Bilaspur police official said over telephone.

The college management also set up a probe team and has been interrogating the seniors.

Manisha's family members, who belong to Rajnandgaon district in west Chhattisgarh, met the girl in the hospital Thursday. However, Manisha reportedly failed to recognise them.

Banking on the situation, opposition Congress has pulled up the state's Bharatiya Janata Party government for failing to curb ragging.

Said state unit Congress president, Charandas Mahant: "The state government was trying to cover up the issue and not allowing media persons and political parties to meet Manisha in hospital as it will unravel the truth."

--- IANS

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Row over ragging leads to bomb blast

Bhagalpur (Bihar), Sept 20: Three students of T N B College here were injured in bomb blasts in the hostel following an altercation over ragging today, police said.

The bombs were exploded by 12 persons, including outsiders, and two students from the biotechnology department at the hostel on the college campus.

The incident was a sequel to last night's altercation between some students of 1st year and 3rd year over ragging.

College principal R P C Verma had suspended two students for a day as punishment, the police said.

Angered over this, the duo, along with some outsiders, reached the hostel today and exploded bombs.

Two persons had been arrested in connection with the incident and two motorcycles seized, the police said.

Security has been tightened on the campus after the incident. (Agencies)

[Khaleej Times] Ragging : expelled student’s family may sue institute

20 September 2006

DUBAI — The ragging row at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS, Pilani) might end in court as the family of the expelled student yesterday said that they might sue the college.

The disciplinary committee appointed by the BITS, Pilani management to decide on the action to be taken against four students accused of ragging expelled one of them while another was suspended for a year. The other two students were allowed to resume classes yesterday on the condition that their suspension would be put on hold for a year.

Sources said the expelled student’s family was surprised by the decision and said that they did not receive any document from the college management regarding his expulsion.

“If the management’s decision is final, we will seek the help of the authorities and we may even file a law suit.. Let us watch the developments and then we would take a final decision how to face the problem,” said a source in the family.

“He refused to sign the apology documents while the management insisted that he sign it. He is innocent and he was not in the country while the alleged ragging took place. Why should he admit to something he did not indulge in? We have proof that he was away when it happened,” the source added.

However, M. Ramachandran, Director of BITS, Pilani, said, “We have given enough chances to the students to confess their mistakes. But they do not want to admit it.

“They want to question the management. So we were forced to take an final decision.”

“The other students have accepted the decision. The two students who resumed their classes will be monitored by the management. They apologised to the junior students and they are happy to accept the decision of the college,” he added.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

“I always had the foresight that a day will come when people will either start committing suicides or start telling the world about the atrocities of

By IndiaFM News Bureau, September 19, 2006 - 05:30 IST

"I have made the film out of sheer anger and disgust."

Manish Gupta, script writer of films like Sarkar, James, D, Darna Zaroori Hai is upset about the fact that a mother of the victim of ragging committed suicide last week. Also in less than a week’s time another incident of ragging was reported wherein a student from an engineering college was badly beaten by belt and tortured for around 8 hours.

One would get to see these real life atrocities being enacted in Manish Gupta’s next directorial venture titled Hostel. Hostel deals with the serious issue of ragging. It deals with the story of how in hostels homosexuality prevails in the name of ragging. Manish Gupta does not support the idea of ragging.

We spoke to Manish Gupta with regards to the recent incident of ragging that is being making news and the director expressed severe disgust over the act. “Ragging is fine till it is meant to be a tool for ice breaking between freshers and seniors. But there is a thin line which should not be crossed as there are serious hazards to ragging”, said Gupta.

“Ragging is a very serious issue. It has been prevailing since many years now. My film deals with this issue. Through my film I want to show the world what actually a victim of ragging goes through”, said Manish Gupta. We asked Manish to tell us about the similarities of these incident and the incidents in the film and he replied “Ragging is dangerous. I had the idea of this script 13 years ago when I was not a part of the film fraternity. I met this guy who was from Pune in MIT College. He was ragged to such an extent that he was raped almost every night by MEN. I was disgusted. The memory of the incident was so strong that I wanted the world to know about the hazards and the practices people follow in the name of ragging.

Two years back I started scripting the film and now the film is made. People should watch it to understand what a victim goes through. I have made the film out of sheer anger and disgust. The script was written in an outrageous mood. The incidents I have shown in the film are all real. I hate people who follow such practices in the name of ragging. I always had the foresight that a day will come when people will either start committing suicides or start telling the world about the atrocities of ragging. I want an awareness to be created so that no one commits a suicide due to ragging. There should be opposition and people should understand between what is right and what is not”

2 students arrested on ragging charge in WB

COOCH BEHAR (WB): Two students of Cooch Behar polytechnic here were arrested for allegedly ragging a first year student of the institute, police sources said on Tuesday.

Muresul Islam Gaye, a first year student of Civil Engineering of the institute lodged an FIR with the Kowari police station on September 15 against two senior students for allegedly ragging him.

Gaye claimed in the FIR that on the night of September 13 he was subjected to severe ragging by the seniors in the hostel. He alleged that the seniors had compelled him to write a suicide note and even asked him to drink acid.

He then contacted his family in West Midnapore district. His family members came the next day and took him to MJN Hospital for treatment. An FIR was also lodged against the seniors.

The two senior students Sumitra Safdar and Joyce Bhattacharjee were arrested on Monday after the FIR was lodged by Gaye, police sources said.

Meanwhile, the Polytechnic has constituted a six-member committee to probe Gaye’s allegations of ragging.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

[Mumbai Mirror] They hit me with a belt for hrs

Monday, September 18, 2006 | Lead Story

Mumbai boy ragged in Chiplun suffers swelling to skull and chest, has belt marks on his back, hands and knees

Jigna Vora

Only days after a student in Pune suffered damage to his kidney due to ragging by seniors, another student, a Mumbai boy doing his diploma in computer engineering in Chiplun, 240 km from the city, has become the victim of a brutal assault by college thugs. Rohit Vijay Rane, 17, who moved into his college hostel in Chiplun only a fortnight ago, was on Friday ragged for more than eight hours by five seniors. They first smashed his mobile phone on to the ground and when he threatened to complain to college authorities, locked him up in a room and whipped him repeatedly with a belt, gagging him with a hand to keep his cries from being heard.

Rane returned to his home and parents in Malad on Saturday night and got a medical examination done at Bhagwati Hospital. The hospital's report has revealed he has suffered "assault by a belt and feet during ragging in college. He has belt marks on his hands, back and knees, a swelling on the skull and chest, and his eyes have turned black and red."

Rane went to Kurar police to lodge a complaint on Sunday but was told to complain to Chiplun police since that was where the assault took place. He left with his father to Chiplun late last night.

According to Rane, on Friday at around 8 pm, Sachin Kale, a second-year student, came up to him in the hostel lobby and asked him for his cell phone to make a call. "When I told Sachin the network was down, he got angry and shouted, "If there's no network, what's the use of having a cell?" Then he banged the phone on the floor four times," Rane said.

‘I was locked in a room’

Rane then told Kale he would complain to the rector S S Mane and also to the college principal. "Sachin got even more furious on hearing this and began assaulting me. We were the only ones present in the hostel lobby at the time, and as I yelled from pain, three more seniors came down from upstairs and took me to room number 36 (Sachin's room) on the first floor and locked it from inside. When I told them too that I would complain to the rector, they hit me with a belt for 30 minutes," he noted.

Rane's cries were smothered by the seniors by placing a hand on his mouth. "After a while Sachin dragged me to the ground floor to room number 23, which belongs to another senior, and started beating me there again."

According to Rane, the hostel is just 10 minutes away from the college, and a watchman deployed at its main gate does the rounds of all floors at 11 pm.

"Whenever the watchman made his rounds, other senior students gestured to Sachin and he gagged me with a hand so I could not shout and kept on beating me till 3 am," Rane said.

"When I told the boys that I could die and requested them to stop beating me, Sachin said: 'You want to die? Ok, write a suicide note first'", Rane pointed out. Rane was beaten up again when he refused to write the suicide note. Eventually, he signed the note under duress, he said.

After being beaten for many hours, Rane was locked in a room at 8 am Saturday. At around 11 am, he was dragged by Sachin and his friends to the rector's office, he said. They told rector Mane that Rane had robbed his roommate's mobile, but when Mane asked the roommate, he told him his cell was with him, Rane said.

Mane then called Rane's father, Vijay, who works in a private company in Mumbai. He told him there was a complaint against Rane that he had robbed his roommate's mobile. Rane narrated the whole incident to his father. "My son is in your custody and see that nothing happens to him," Rane's father told the rector after hearing the entire episode.

Mane told his father he would send his son to Mumbai with someone.

When Mumbai Mirror contacted Mane, he agreed there was a fight between the boys but stated that it had nothing to do with ragging. "The incident was due to some internal fight between the boys," Mane said.

Rohit came to Mumbai on Saturday evening and then went to lodge a complaint at Kurar police station.

An officer at the station explained to them that as the incident had taken place at Chiplun, they had to lodge the complaint there. He suggested they go to Bhagwati Hospital for a medical examination and then lodge a complaint at Chiplun.

A frightened Rane told Mumbai Mirror: "I don't want to go back. They will kill me."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

HOSTEL :: A film on ragging

Manish Gupta is miffed with rumours surrounding his second directorial venture SAAB CHAI PANI, allegedly bearing resemblance to the Om Puri starrer ARDH SATYA. 'I don't know from where these rumours have sprung up. It is really very distressing and disturbing. In ARDH SATYA Om Puri plays an honest cop who is frustrated by the system where as my film shows Sonu Sood accepting bribes and succumbing to the societal pressures,' says a livid Manish adding that it just has a slight resemblance to the film.

'Sonu turns corrupt owing to varied reasons. His wife is not happy with their way of life. It shows how professional life affects marital life and vice versa,' wails Manish dismissing all the allegations.

Nonetheless he is all charged about his forthcoming film HOSTEL, which deals with the issue of ragging that is very relevant in today's scenario. 'HOSTEL is a commercial film about a student played by Vatsal Seth who enters a notorious hostel and is ragged by his seniors. It's not just about one incident; but a string of incidents and is a real hard-hitting action film. It shows how students are tortured and harassed in the name of ragging,' he reveals.

Vatsal SethWhat about the bold scenes in the film? 'There is one scene where Vatsal is made to strip and has to parade but it has been shot in a decent manner. He was very apprehensive initially but I managed to convince him. I hope some kind of message or some good comes out of HOSTEL,' he adds.

Not many know that it was one horrific incident that prompted him to make HOSTEL, which still lingers on his mind. 'I actually conceived the idea 13 years back when I was doing my engineering. I met this one guy who was repeatedly raped every night. I was disgusted and extremely disturbed. It was very gross and I can't get over it till date. That's when I decided that I wanted to make a film on it,' sighs Manish.

He is in talks with producers and has three more films coming up.

[Hindu] Chapter on ragging in law manual for college students

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: `Lessons in Law,' an 80-page booklet in Malayalam brought out by the Kerala State Legal Services Authority (KELSA), that provides "legal empowerment" for college students has added a chapter on ragging in its latest issue published recently.

The book describes at length how ragging has always been a nightmarish experience for newcomers. There are students who have discontinued studies and even ended their lives due to the ignominies suffered during ragging.

The State Government passed a new law in the legislature in 1998 prohibiting ragging.

As per the definitions of the law, any act that has the potential to induce fear or terror in students or inflict mental, physical or emotional trauma on them comes under the ambit of ragging.

The law makes it clear that coercing a student to do something against his will is equivalent to ragging. So is the act of abusing or insulting a student. The booklet points out that it is not necessary that ragging occur only within the confines of educational institutions.

A student found guilty of ragging can get imprisonment for two years and fine of Rs.10,000. The law also stipulates that a student found guilty of ragging be expelled from the institution in which he is studying, besides debarring him from obtaining admission in any other educational institution for a period of three years.

It mandates that Principals of educational institutions conduct investigation into complaints of ragging within seven days of receiving a written representation from the victim, besides forwarding a copy of the complaint to the nearest police station. The Principal is duty bound to expel the student from the institution if there is prima facie evidence against the accused.

The law also has provisions for punitive action against the heads of institutions, in case of default of initiating the necessary steps to check the menace on campus. The punishment for `abetting ragging' will be the same as that of a student found guilty of ragging.

The booklet will be distributed in colleges as a part of legal literacy classes conducted by the KELSA. The project is a part of the National Legal Literacy Mission.

[AndhraCafe] Mother of Ragging victim dies

C. Lalitha, mother of Mukesh, who was sexually abused at ragging, ended her life by committing suicide. Mukesh and his father were away to meet the National Human Righs Commission secretary who was inquiring into the ragging incident only to return home that evening to see the body of lalitha hanging from the fan.

It is believed that Lalitha who felt embarassed by her son's ragging episode has been reported to be in a state of depression since then and the exposure of her son's incident in the community and the controversy surrounding it, could very well have driven her into taking the extreme step of taking her own life.

While the four accused will undergo trial, the Human Rights Commission wants the College Management to assume responsbility for this.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

[Newindpress] Four students charged with sodomy; held under Ragging Act

Thursday September 7 2006 00:56 IST

SRIKAKULAM: A shocking incident of six engineering students of GMR Institute of Technology (GMRIT), who had unnatural sex with one of their colleagues on Tuesday, came to light at Rajam near here on Wednesday.

Police arrested four students under provisions of AP Prevention of Ragging Act, 1997 and also charged them with sodomy. Two others are at large. The accused; DV Bhaskar, T Ramesh and Santosh; called one of their classmates Ch P Mukesh, staying in an adjoining room in Anjani complex, and forced him to have sex with them and beat him when he refused to oblige them.

After some time, Bhaskar and three others; T Ravi, Yerraiah Babu and BBK Chaitanya; called Ramesh who is also their classmate, and threatened him with dire consequences if he did not fulfil their carnal desire

Ramesh succumbed to pressure and became a victim of the heinous act. Another student Harish videographed the sexual act with a cellular phone, due to coercion by the miscreants.

The victim Ramesh left for his native place Visakhapatnam a few hours after the incident while Harish lodged a complaint with the police. A team of police led by DSP PV Krishnaiah raided the complex where the accused were staying and arrested Bhaskar, Chaitanya, Ravi, Yerraiah Babu while Ramesh and Santosh are said to be absconding.

The cops have also seized the cellular phone, which is the crucial evidence.

Meanwhile, the police have written a letter to the GMRIT principal seeking information about the accused students and their background.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

RIMS ragging controversy resolved

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Sept 4: The recent controversy over ragging of fresher medical students of Regional Institute Medical Sciences by their seniors has finally been settled this afternoon following an MOU signed between the representatives of RIMS Students Union and RIMS authorities.

During the meeting, the RIMS students have given a solemn undertaking that there will be no more ragging in the RIMS in future.

In the meantime, about 200 medical students thronged at the campus of the RIMS directorate today after the RIMS authorities attempted to fix responsibility for the ragging upon the six senior medical students who were picked on the night of August 25 by the police on the charge of involvement in ragging the freshers.

It may be mentioned that around midnight of August 25, several fresher students were made to walk around the RIMS campus in their underwear. Police, responding to complaints from onlookers, picked up some senior medical students.

Later, around 12.15 pm an emergency joint meeting attended by the RIMS director, representatives of RIMS Students Union and senior lecturers of RIMS was held and it was finally decided to levy a punitive fine of Rs.5000 upon the student union for its failure to produced the main culprits who were directly involved in the ragging incident.

According to L. Iboyaima, Public Relation Officer, RIMS directorate, the RIMS authorities are very much concerned over the reports of ragging by the senior medical students and the matter has became serious due to the multiple complaints and continuous public criticism over the recent incident.

He said the RIMS authorities soon after the incident directed the representatives of the RIMS Students Union to produce the involved senior students in the incident, but no action was taken immediately due to the inability of the union to produce the students involved

The RIMS authorities decided to fix the responsibilities upon the six students who were picked up by the Lamphel police and released on the midnight of August 25.

On the other hand the entire body of medical students of the teaching hospital gathered at the RIMS directorate today and submitted a memorandum to the RIMS director, claiming that the six students were innocent.

The PRO further said considering the plea of the students, the RIMS authority this afternoon finally decided to levy a punitive fine of Rs.5000 upon the RIMS Students Union and exact a commitment from the union not to repeat ragging in the college. With the signing of the understanding, the gathered medical students finally dispersed themselves around 1.45pm and resumed the normal classes.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ragging at University of Agricultural Science

This is what CURE received from a victim recently... horror!
"I am just posting this as a warning to anyone who is thinking of going to the University of Agricultural Science in Bangalore, India.I am an American citizen, born and raised in America but of Indian heritage (both my parents are Indian).And I decided to go to this college to pursue veterinary medicine.Anyway, I left everything I knew in pursuit of this dream and all I found was cruel and unusual ragging. Every day the senior boys and some girls would surround me and taunt me. Very disrespectful-too much, in fact, to post here-but if anyone wants to know more details please email me. Every day this happened. They followed me home on many occasions;they forced me to bow to them; kiss their boots;they wrote horrific things on the desks involving rape and murder;and they called my cell phone from the hostels threatening me. Then it became physical.They ran their car into me, knocking me to the ground, severely hurting my leg.One of the boys also punched me in the mouth.Everyday they told me how much they wanted to rape and murder me.Everyday.And what is worse, if there is a worse, is that the professors and even the dean himself knew all about it.The dean had even had meetings with the 3 main guys on numerous occasions (we found out later after we went to the press about it-they uncovered a lot after the fact).Some of the professors even made comments in class about making it as hard for me as possible because they didn't want me to go back to the US and make more money than them.Anyway, there are so many details and not enough room here for them.Like I said, if anyone is interested in knowing the whole story please do not hesitate to email me.I just do not want this to happen to anyone else.It was so scary;I would never wish this on anyone.Please, please think twice about going over there.It isn't worth it.Just to save a few years of schooling I almost lost a lot more.If nothing else, if you are considering going to India for college, please just let me talk to you first.You don't have to do anything just because I am telling you this story-just hear me out and make your own decision.Thanks for reading..."


[ToI] Menace of ragging

PUNE: A first-year medical student of the B.J. Medical College (BJMC) was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Sassoon Hospital here on Sunday after he was allegedly ragged by his seniors at the college hostel.

Seventeen-year-old Akhilesh Shukla, who hails from Raipur in Chhattisgarh and had joined the college recently, was reportedly forced to do sit-ups for an inordinately long time that left him exhausted.

He was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having a renal problem and had to undergo dialysis, sources said.

Deputy commissioner of police A.D. Shinde confirmed that a complaint has been lodged in this connection by the Bund Garden police.

Sub-inspector Madhav Suryavanshi has been assigned the probe. Akhilesh himself has registered his statement with Suryavanshi.

While the incident, which occurred on Sunday afternoon, shook the BJMC — one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country — the college authorities preferred being tightlipped and refused to elaborate any details. All that college dean V.L. Yemul would say when contacted by TOI was: "I have learnt something to this (ragging) effect.

I have sent my men to get exact details." When this reporter visited the ICU at the second floor of Sassoon building, the doctors attending to the victim refused to speak about his health and put the onus on Yemul.

Akhilesh's father, who had rushed to the hospital, was too worried to speak about the incident. At the hostel, students talked in hushed tones while saying that what happened with Akhilesh was "unfortunate".

Some of them demanded stern action against the culprits. Ragging is banned in Maharashtra and the enactment, Maharashtra Anti-Ragging Act of 1999, stipulates stringent punishment for the offenders, ranging from outright rustication to even a jail term, depending upon the seriousness of the offence.

Despite this, incidents of ragging have rocked academic institutions time and again. In 2003, as many as 26 students were shown the door at ILS Law College following a major ragging incident. SP College too was in the news for ragging.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Four students arrested in ragging case


Four students have been arrested in connection with the ragging of Golam Zakaria, a first year polytechnic student at Bishnupur K.G. Engineering Institute, police said today.

Zakaria who was admitted to Bishnupur hospital following the ragging was mercilessly beaten up by four senior students. Cigarette marks were also found all over his body, the police said.

Principal Priyaranjan Mahanty said the incident was unfortunate and drastic action would be taken after proper inquiry.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

RIMS student found hung to death

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, Aug 28: A medical student studying in the fourth semester at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) here was found dead hanging in his hostel room at around 3 pm today.

The deceased student is from Nagaland and is identified as Bwenyhunloo Chung of Kohima.

Lamphel police station have registered a case and started investigating into the matter.

According to sources, it is presumed that the case might be related to a recent ragging incident at the medical institute.

However, when The Sangai Express contacted RIMS Director Professor L Fimate today evening, he ruled out the possibility of ragging leading to the death of the student.

Nonetheless, he informed that instructions have already been given to all the wardens and student union leaders to furnish the names of the students allegedly involved in ragging incidents so as to take up necessary action.

He further informed that the family members of the deceased would be arriving to pick up the body and the Institute has made the arrangement for the coffin and a bus for the transportation.

A student leader and a staff of RIMS would be accompanying the body to its native place, further informed Prof Fimate.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ragging at School of Planning and Architechture

"Two-years-ago a murky ragging episode shot to the surface when a student was forced to commit a lewd act with a dog. Now another student has alleged that he was ragged - with some other students - incessantly for six hours."

A collection of some reports:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kneel-down torture in engineering college

Durgapur Aug. 20: A first-year civil engineering student was beaten up and forced to kneel down for over two hours by his seniors at the National Institute of Technology hostel here on Friday evening.

Swapnil Sharma is still in a trauma and scared to speak. He has been treated at the college health centre and advised bed rest.

Institute director Swapan Bhattacharya said two students of electronics engineering — Diwik Tiwari of second year and Jitendra Sharma of the final year — have been suspended.

Ragging raised its ugly head for the second time in a month at the institute, formerly known as Regional Engineering College.

A second-year civil engineering student had accused seniors of torturing him then.

Swapnil’s father P.K. Sharma, an engineer with the Madhya Pradesh irrigation department, has taken up his son’s predicament with the Union ministry of human resource development. After being informed by the ministry about the incident, Burdwan district magistrate Subrata Gupta instructed Durgapur subdivisional officer Balaram Dey to begin an investigation.

Sharma called up Dey last evening and requested him to look after his son’s well being and security. He has left Gwalior for Durgapur.

Swapnil, who took admission on August 10, muttered that the seniors used to taunt him since he stepped into the institute. They often came to his room in the middle of the night and misbehaved.

“On Friday evening, they called me to their hostel around 7 pm and forced me to kneel down till 9. They also beat me with wooden rulers and punched me on my abdomen and head,” he said.

Injury marks on his forehead and cheek are still visible.

The subdivisional officer met Swapnil and the college authorities today.

The director of the institute said its own probe had found Tiwari and Sharma guilty.

“If Swapnil’s father wants to take his son home to help him recover, we will allow him to do so,” Bhattacharya added.

On July 27, Aditya Lama a third-year civil engineering student, and Tanmay Saha, a computer science and engineering student of the same batch, were suspended by the institute’s anti-ragging committee for assaulting Deepra Sarkar of the second year.

After the incident, hostel wardens had been put on alert, but that proved insufficient this time. “It is unfortunate,” the director said.

An institute official said the college was prompt in punishing the guilty on this occasion because the victim was the son of a senior government official.

Second-year electrical engineering student Swadesh Sarkar was arrested last September for ragging Himangshu Sarkar, a fresher in the information technology department, who complained only when he could no longer bear the “torture”.

Monday, August 21, 2006

[NDTV] Student alleges sexual harassment by seniors

Though banned by the Supreme Court of India, incidents of ragging seem to be ruling the headlines in Uttaranchal.

The latest case making news is that of a class VI student alleging sexual harassment by seniors.

The search for the best education for her daughter brought Sonia Singh to Dehradun, and the Shigally Hill International Academy. It is an all-girls residential school from class III to XI, with 153 students from India, Nepal and Thailand.

It seemed like a perfect school till her daughter complained of being harassed by her seniors.

The class VI student says the harassment has been going on ever since she joined in April this year.

"We complained to the principal that these girls were verbally abusing us and when we would bathe, they would barge in. The principal promised to take action. We also went to the head principal to complain, but she asked me not to become a complaint box," said Sonia's daughter Seema (name changed).

No harassment

The State Women's Commission has now rushed to support Sonia and her daughter.

"We will summon the principal of the school, talk to her and take whatever necessary action is required," said Seema Bhatia, Member, State Women's Commission.

However, Janu Niyal, the principal of the school, refutes the allegations.

"We strongly refute and deny any allegation of sexual harassment on this campus. No such incident has been brought to my notice till date and I deny it and I know that there is something more to it than meets the eye," said Niyal.

For the moment, the police have initiated an investigation.

"A case has been registered with us by a student of class VI who was admitted in this school in May this year. She has filed a complaint stating that her seniors were sexually harassing her," said Raj Kumar, SO, Rajpur police station.

The case registered under Sections 377, 504 and 511 of the Indian Penal Code has seen Dehradun, a city known for its educational institutions, take quite a beating.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

[Patna Daily] Ragging at Science College Leads to Firing; Two Injured

Patna: August 8, 2006

Ragging at Patna Science College, on Monday, got out of hand when the bodyguard of Patna University proctor Kriteshwar Prasad opened fire at the students engaged in harassing new students injuring two students in the process.

As per the report, at around 12:00 pm, the second year students were harassing some new students who reported the incident to the proctor. When Prasad arrived at the scene with his bodyguard, the students started to run towards the zoology department.

They were chased by the bodyguard who, for some unknown reasons, opened fired at the students.

Two students identified as Rohit Kumar and Anil Kumar received bullet injuries in hand and abdomen respectively. They were rushed to the Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) where they remain in Intensive Care Unit.

The incident caused a riot-like situation within the campus as angry students damaged college properties including the office of the Vice Chancellor and blocked Ashok Rajpath for hours vandalizing cars, buses, and shops in the area while also demanding the arrest of the proctor.

Senior police officials including the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kundan Krishnan arrived at the campus with anti-riot vehicle and tried to check the violence. Six students were taken into custody but the bodyguard of Dr. Prasad is said to be absconding.

The police has detained Dr. Prasad for interrogation. Security in the campus has been heightened in anticipation of more violence, Krishnan said.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Charges against 10 NIT students in ragging case


A city court has framed charges against ten students of Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology here in the suicide case of a junior student who took the extreme step after being ragged. Amit Gangwar had committed suicide in October last year by jumping before a train and ploice had found a suicide note from the cupboard in his room which had named ten students, including a girl. The charges were framed yesterday by the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Karnail Singh and the recording of evidence by the prosecution would start on October 6. The accused students include Ankit Shrivastva, Naval Malani, Sidharath Kumar, Parsun Kishore Verma, Tanuj Roy, Rohan Bhandari, Biswajit Sahu, Avijit Biswas, Parmod Hingmang and Namita Kumari. All these students had been expelled by the institute and were on bail.

...But ragging still continues at Nizam

HYDERABAD: Days after a ragging incident that led to the murder of two third-year students of the Institute of Hotel Management, Vidyanagar, seniors are at it again.

This time at Nizam College, Basheerbagh. However, unlike the earlier incident, here juniors did not fly off in rage but reluctantly complied with all the whims of their seniors.

On Wednesday evening, first year students of Nizam College who started college on July 24 were confronted by their seniors on the college ground.

While some students said they were pulled out of classrooms and asked to sing and dance to their favourite songs, others claimed they were only asked to give their biodata to the seniors.

The usual demands from seniors like asking to be referred to as Sir and Madam or bowing or giving them a respectful 'Namaskaram' whenever the junior pass them on the campus were all listed out to be followed in the following days.

One junior was asked to play cricket, and not in a team but all by himself. He had to be the bowler, the batsman, fielder and even the umpire and keep the score too.

Some others were asked to make animal sounds, act like cats and dogs reflecting their behaviour and body language. In the wake of this incident, members of the National Students' Union of India (NSUI) went to the college.

Then they went to every classroom taking along with them posters that were made by the Hyderabad City Police last year against ragging.

The posters were circulated among all colleges then too, detailing the punishments that students caught doing ragging may face. The same posters were taken to each class and students were warned against ragging their juniors.

The freshers were told to feel free to complain either to their principal or to the police or any student organisation if they face ragging in or outside the college.

Principal S Satyanarayana, however, claimed no such incident came to his notice. Neither did students give any police complaint about it.

Yet, police were there on Thursday morning, picketing the college premises and ensuring no further instances of ragging occur.

Satyanarayana said he would conduct an anti-ragging seminar inviting top police personnel after August 15 by when all spot admissions would be over.

The NSUI, meanwhile, said it would go to all colleges in the city from Friday onwards spreading the anti-ragging message.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

[ToI] Ragging leads to death

HYDERABAD: Ragging raised its ugly head in the city on Monday, claiming the lives of two hotel management students in Vidyanagar.

Two students Sanoy and Sanjay Giri, both third year students of the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Durgabai Deshmukh colony near Osmania University, were allegedly stabbed to death by Naveen Kumar, a first year B.Sc. HHA student of the same institute, at their friends' flat at TRT Quarters in Vidyanagar at around 6.00 pm.

It all began with Sanoy and Giri (both aged around 20 years) noticing two juniors—Naveen Kumar and Nitesh Kumar— consuming liquor on the Shivam road. The duo approached their juniors and admonished them.

As the juniors fled from the place, Giri and Sanoy chased them into TRT Quarters where the juniors finally gave up. The seniors dragged them to their friends' flat in the colony.

Four third year students, K Mayank, Nitesh Kestwal, Himanshu and Nimesh, were staying in the room. The four were watching TV when Giri and Sanoy entered the room dragging the juniors, who were staying at the nearby Tapasvi hostel.

Though the seniors knew the two juniors, they were not sure about their names. Sanoy and Giri started quizzing them. The seniors reportedly asked them their parents' telephone numbers which reportedly infuriated Naveen.

As they were catering technology students, they had knives in their flat. Naveen grabbed a knife and started stabbing them.

"Naveen stabbed them mercilessly. I have never seen anything like this before. I pushed aside Naveen and ran to the rear side of the house," K Mayank, one of the four occupants of the room said.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

[HT] BHU students fined for ragging

TAKING SERIOUS note of alleged ragging with freshers of the Computer Science Department, the administration has imposed a fine of Rs 500 each on all the 23 students of Master of Computer Application (MCA) second year.

All the freshers of MCA course were seen wearing black pants and white shirts without any occasion in the department on Thursday. Sensing some foul play, the BHU administration conducted an investigation into the entire matter and imposed a fine on 23 senior inmates of Ramkrishna Hostel.

Hostel coordinator Dr Sri Singh said that the incident was taken as ragging and therefore, the senior students were punished. Since no particular student was identified responsible for the case, the fine was imposed on all the 23 second year students, he added. He said those who failed to submit the fine could face expulsion from hostel.

The BHU administration has constituted anti-ragging action committees at institutes, colleges, faculties, departments and hostels to check ragging in the new academic session. Besides, an eleven-member Ragging Prevention Committee has also been constituted under the chairmanship of Prof AK Agrawal.

[NDTV] Gujarat students stripped during ragging

The Mahatma Gandhi Gujarat Vidyapeeth is currently in the eye of an unsavoury storm.

A group of first year microbiology students at the Sadra Centre were allegedly stripped, oil was put on their backs and they were branded like cattle with a few senior students putting their signatures on them.

The incident is a first in the 85-year history of the Vidyapeeth, and although the authorities admit that such an incident did take place, they prefer not to call it ragging but insisted that it was a shameful act of mischief.

Moreover, they suggest that it's time for some introspection for the institute.

"It's a serious issue and a call for self introspection that even after two years, we weren't able to inculcate Gandhian values in these errant students," said Sudarshan Ayengar, Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi Gujarat Vidyapeeth.

The Vidyapeeth has initiated action against the students involved in the incident. As punishment, they are now required to do community work for an hour each day for a year, including working at a gobar gas project.

Gandhians shocked

The incident has strained relations between freshers and seniors, but the Gandhians are shocked.

"The incident clearly shows that the Vidyapeeth has digressed from Gandhian values and that there is an urgent need to restore those values," said Chinubhai Vaidya, a Gandhian.

Meanwhile, the Vidyapeeth officials have provided an interesting explanation regarding the incident.

"A senior student having some ailment had been advised a massage by the doctor, and his room partner used to help him in that. This year some freshers were roped in by the senior for this, and this later triggered the mischief," said Rajendra Khimani, Registrar, Mahatma Gandhi Gujarat Vidyapeeth.

Irrespective of the reasons behind the incident, one thing is sure that ragging at the Mahatma's own Vidyapeeth has badly dented the institution's image.

[DNA] 22 fashion institute students are suspended for ‘ragging’

‘Victim’ in hospital, but accused students have denied allegation.

Twenty-two students of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, have been suspended for a week for allegedly ragging first year students. The second and third year students were given suspension letters by NIFT Director IB Peerzada on Friday morning.

The students, however, have denied the charge.

Institute authorities were tight-lipped about the incident. The name of the alleged victim was not disclosed.

NIFT authorities were told that the “victim” had been admitted to hospital after the alleged ragging. The victim suffered an asthmatic seizure after the incident, which led to the hospitalisation, sources said.

However, the 22 students maintained that there was no ragging . They claimed that the admitted student suffered from the asthmatic seizure on his own.

After the letters of suspension were given to the students, they were asked to meet the director one by one in the evening and present their version.

Only two students got the chance to place before the director their version.

The others have been called on Monday.

Meanwhile, the juniors have written a letter to the director saying they did not have any issues with the seniors.

They have also denied that they were being ragged.

Attempts to contact Peerzada proved futile, as he was busy in the meeting with the senior students till evening.

Friday, July 28, 2006

[Yahoo] 'KGMU seniors caught ragging to be suspended for six months'

The new session at the KGMU is all set to begin from August 1. Ragging, fake certificates, security and accommodation of the freshers would be few issues that would top the priority of the administration for next few months. Our correspondent spoke to VK Singh, Proctor of the King George’s Medical University, regarding the preparations that the University has doneto protect them from ragging and welcome the freshers to oneof the well known medical institutions of India

Ragging in medical institutions have been well known and KGMU has a record of having students leave the institution following ragging. How does the university plan to tackle this problem?
We have made it clear that any senior student caught ragging the juniors would be suspended for at least six months. Moreover, we have also arranged extra security for the freshers. I have already selected four guards who will be on round-the-clock duty with the freshers and they will escort these feshers to classes as well as to the hostels, so that they cannot be caught by any senior for ragging. We expect that with these security guards around none of the senior students will muster courage to rag the juniors.

It is known that the maximum number of ragging cases are reported from outside the campus rather than within the campus. Does the university have any plan to to restrict such incidents?
Since one of our hostels is located in the trans-Gomti area, the freshers, on their way to the hostel, are caught by the seniors. However, this year, we have made an arrangement to accommodate these students in one of the newly-constructed block of Chakrovarty Hostel within the campus. Thus, that problem has also been solved. Moreover, we have also made arrangements for day scholars to come in casual wear and change into their required dress-code in these hostels meant for hostelers and again before they go home. In that case, they cannot be identified outside the campus.

The security given by the institution remains only till the hostel gate, but there have been reports of ragging inside the hostels as well, after evening.
It is true that many a times, students report of ragging inside the hostels. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to deploy two security guards round the clock outside TG Hostel for Boys as well as VL hostel for Girls. One of these guards would also carry a weapon. Moreover, since a male security guard cannot enter the girls hostel at night, we have selected a lady security guard for duty outside the girls hostel, so that in case there is a need to check the hostel at night, it can be done so without any hesitation.

Each year there are complaints of poor facilities at the hostels, be it the kitchen or the toilets. What should the new batch of 2006 expect to see in their first year of accommodation at the campus?
KGMU is expanding day-by-day and even extensions of the old hostels have been constructed. We have also got all the hostels cleaned up before the arrival of the new batch. The new CV Hostel with extended capacity of 100 students is one of them. Thus, this year they should not be any complaints of poor infrastructure at the university.

Even while documents are being verified, there have been cases of students being allotted colleges at lower percentages. There have also been cases where students had taken admission in the University on the basis of fake documents. How will university tackle them this year?
As far as the case of students with low percentage is concerned, we are diverting these cases to the Director General of Medical Education because this is the mistake of a particular counselling centre and thus has to be handled by the DGME. As far as taking admission on fake documents is concerned, this year we have taken only provisional admission of the new students and have sent the caste and other related certificates for verification to various districts. The admission of each student will be confermed only after all their records are verified. Thus in case of fake documents being found, we have reserved the right to cancel the admission of any student.

How have you planned the first day of the freshers at the KGMU? When would they be given a freshers' party?
We have sorted out the plan for the first day of these students and they will all be required to gather at 11am at the Brown Hall, where they will be welcomed by me and then a member of the proctorial board will acquaint them with the history of the KGMU as per tradition. Then, these students will be given an introduction of each department. The fresher party will be organised six weeks after the start of the session, as the tradition goes.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What’s the buzz at Vidyapith now? Ragging

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First years allege they were forced to give massages; Vidyapith’s punishment: social work for a day

Ahmedabad, July 26:
RAGGING may be a big no-no at all colleges, but it doesn’t seem to be so at Gujarat Vidyapith, the institute set up by Mahatma Gandhi.

First year students of the Vidyapith’s Sadra campus, near Gandhinagar, have alleged that they were ragged: they say they were forced to give massages to a senior student for weeks. However, despite written complaints to the Vice-Chancellor, they say, no serious action was taken against the students involved. The matter was referred to Registrar Dr Rajendra Khemani, who let off the culprits with a warning and announced their punishment: social work for an hour a day.

The incident took place on July 18 in the BSc campus.

The trouble started when a junior, who was forced to give a massage to Anilsinh, a third year student of microbiology, spilled oil on his body. Enraged, Anilsinh apparently forced 17 first years to strip, after which he and some of his classmates allegedly pour oil on their posteriors.

The traumatised students reported the case to their parents, who in turn complained to Vice-Chancellor Sudarshan Iyengar.

Vidyapith officials initially tried to cover up the incident, stating that it was a case of verbal abuse. Later, they admitted that the incident had taken place. One of the 17 students, in his complaint to the V-C, states: ‘‘On July 18, I was called inside the room by a senior at around 8.30 pm... .’’ On what happened after the massage, he says: ‘‘The senior then asked me to strip... he then threw oil on my posterior... he then quickly left the room.’’

Registrar Dr Khemani says: ‘‘Anilsinh, a student, used to get massages for the last four months as he was injured during a sports event. While getting a massage from one of the juniors, some oil fell on his posterior. He then asked students to take off their clothes and threw oil on their posteriors.’’

A relative of one of the students, on conditions of anonymity, said the student was so traumatised and ashamed after the incident that he could not speak to his parents about it. The students submitted a written complaint to the VC, but no strict action was taken. The parents of the students who were victimised met the Vidyapith Registrar on Wednesday. Khemani said, ‘‘We talked at length about the incident and we have reached an understanding. We have asked senior students to do social work one hour every day as a punishment.’’ ‘‘It has happened for the first time so we have decided to forgive them with minor punishment,’’ said Head of Department Pradeep Acharya.

‘‘As for the punishment we have asked some of the senior students to visit the nearby villages and help them to repair the bio-gas plants, help the workers who prepare hand-made papers to market their product and repair the Charkhas.

A source at the GV said ‘‘The institute was set-up by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920 with the objective to prepare through education, workers with character, ability, culture and conscientiousness necessary for the conduct of the movements connected with the regeneration of the country in accordance with the ideals given by him. The incident is quite contradictory. Had he been alive at the moment he would have been ashamed of the incident,’’ he said.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

[IE] Student alleges ragging in school hostel, packs his bags

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Vadodara, July 21: A CLASS VIII student of the Bhavan VM Public School, Vadodara, on Thursday packed his bags and left for his Ahmedabad home, complaining of ragging and verbal abuse by seniors in the school. However, school authorities denied the charge saying no ragging had taken place and instead suggested the boy, Zil Dalal, was homesick.

Zil, who is a resident of Ambawadi in Ahmedabad, said ‘‘The seniors would verbally abuse me daily and also ill-treat me all the time,’’ he said. He also added that his classmates did not let him study in peace and constantly riled him. Unable to take it anymore, Zil said he decided to leave the school. His sister Payal and her husband supported his decision. ‘‘It was not a nice school, Zil did not like it there so he left. So we withdrew him from the school,’’ said Payal.

The school has a different take on the entire episode though and insisted no ragging incident had taken in the past. Bhavan school principal, Vidya Shridesh, said, ‘‘We are a strict school and have never tolerated ragging. I think Zil was homesick, parents should understand their children and not just pack them off to hostels,’’ she said.

A Class XII hostel student, Jimmy, said seniors barely had the time to fraternise with the others as their schedule was tightly packed. ‘‘In fact, when the principal asked me if I was involved in ragging Zil, I asked her who Zil was?’’ he said.

His local guardian, Jennifer Bangora, said Zil had been studying in Mount Abu as a hosteler for six years without a problem. ‘‘I had heard that he was not happy at all in the hostel here,’’ she said.

School authorities said they had learnt that Zil who had done his Class VII at Anand Niketan School in Ahmedabad had encountered problems there as well. After leaving Anand Niketan, he had got admission into Bhavan. Prior to Anand Niketan he had studied in Mt Abu up to Class VI where he had secured 90 per cent marks which dropped to 50 per cent at Anand Niketan.

[HT] AU gears up to prevent ragging

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WITH UNDER graduate admissions in full swing, the Allahabad University (AU) proctorial team has gone on full alert to ensure that the new-comers get a warm but ragging-free welcome on the campus.

Under the new initiative, members of the proctorial team will remain vigilant on all the campuses of the varsity ready to nab any student trying to rag or harass a fresher in the name of "getting an introduction".

AU Proctor Prof Jata Shankar recently held a meeting with all the assistant proctors and chalked out a detailed plan to keep AU free of the ragging menace this year.

"We are determined to keep AU free of ragging this year. For this, assistant proctors will take multiple rounds of the various campuses every day in teams.

They will be backed by varsity's security personnel as well as cops, if needed.

With the current speed of the admissions, we are expecting the new-comers to start coming to the varsity within the next week and it is during this time that we will carry out stricter identity card checking drives to catch outsiders and crack down on anyone who tries to rag a student," informed Prof Jata Shankar.

He said that most of the complaints during the past years have come from the Commerce and the Science faculties.

"It is due to this that we will be keeping a hawk's eye on these two campuses.

The time when certain class rooms and labs are isolated and spots that are usually deserted during teaching hours are being identified so that we can check these out from time to time," he added.

The proctor said that the varsity has decided to initiate exemplary punishments against students who attempt to rag the freshers this time around.

"No offender will be spared and no excuse or plea will be accepted.

We believe that a few rotten apples bring bad name to the entire varsity by their such acts and should be dealt with strictly. This will take care of the trouble-makers and enable all other students to get on with the job of learning and getting educated," he said.