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Alleged ragging in NUJS bans third-year student from representing college

The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata recently banned a third-year student from representing the school in any sort of extracurricular and external activities this academic year, after allegations of ragging shook the school again.

 A first-year law student and his parents had complained against this particular senior back in July, saying that he has made the junior bring him food and make unnecessary speeches.

 The NUJS authorities, including NUJS Vice Chancellor Ishwara Bhatt and three faculty members had started an inquiry after receiving the complaints.

In August, the senior apologized in writing, which made the junior withdraw his complaint. The inquiry committee however continued with the investigation and finally decided to take this step against the senior. GyanCentral had reported against alleged ragging at law schools before this, but nobody came out in the open to confirm it.

 When GyanCentral spoke to registrar of NUJS, Dr.Surajit C Mukhopadhyay, he confirmed the news..

Allegations of ragging in NUJS and few other law schools were made me sometime in July this year. While some juniors anonymously agreed about it, some completely refuted the claims.

 NUJS appointed a student counsellor Barnali Ghosh earlier this month

Ragging charges and cock & bull story

It all began with a drunken brawl at a college in Vidyarananyapura on Thursday. A student got injured and filed a police complaint on the same day. His rival filed a counter complaint at a different police station on Friday, accusing him of ragging. It took some time for the police to sift through the confusion.

Rahul Kumar Singh, 19, studying first year BBM lodged a complaint at Vidyarananyapura police station that his seniors had ragged him. He said they were forcing him to strip and when he objected, he was stabbed with a screw driver and beaten.

Vidyaranyapura police inspector BP Prasad said they initially believed him and registered a case of assault, ragging and also criminal intimidation against another student, identified as Praveen Kumar.

 Singh had also created an alibi, identified as Sanjay, and stated that he too was forced by the the accused to do the same.

A team of officials swung into action and nabbed the accused for questioning. The whole incident turned out to be a farce when the ‘accused’ informed them that he was in fact the victim and had already filed a case with New Yelahanka Town police.

 After contacting their counterparts at Yelahanka, they realised thatRahul has filed a false complaint and have decided to take legal action in this regard.

Case against 5 law students for assault

Five students of the Government Law College here have been booked for allegedly assaulting one of their juniors using stones and other weapons near the college campus, during an alleged ragging session.

Based on a complaint from second-year student C Raja (19), Vadavalli police registered a case against five of his seniors under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), on Thursday. However, the anti-ragging Act was not invoked in this incident.

“The complainant says that he was hit with stones by five of his seniors as he did not salute them and refused to give them money.

However, there was already a conflict between two groups of students in the college and we are investigating the complaint to ascertain its veracity,” a police officer here said.

The five students were identified as Eswaran, Alaguraja, Manoharan, Chelladurai and Malarmannan. Police were yet to arrest them.

“Recently, a security guard of the college and a hotelier near the campus was beaten up by a few students.

The students also ransacked the roadside hotel. Owing to this, there was an enmity between two groups of students and we are probing whether the latest complaint is only to settle scores between them or it was genuine,” police sources said.

Meanwhile, shopkeepers and hoteliers near the campus have decided to stage a one-day hunger strike on Saturday at the Marudhamalai bus terminus, condemning the alleged assault on the hotel by the law college students.

Ragging: Case filed

The Museum Police have registered a case of ragging, on the basis of a complaint submitted by a first year LLB student of the Government Law College here against SFI activists.

An FIR was filed after S S Vishnu, a dalit student submitted a complaint through the college principal, alleging that he was subjected to physical assault and verbal abuse by a group of SFI activists senior to him, after he refused to contribute Rs 500 as demanded.

The complaint says that the activists snatched Rs 100 from him. He was directed to pay the rest of the demanded money, but on finding that it was not forth coming, he was attacked, it is alleged.

Indore: Students suspended for ragging junior

Indore: Two students have been suspended from hostel for their involvement in the ragging case of first year management student of Institute of Management Studies (IMS) on Saturday.

Just a day after the ragging incident of first IMS student was reported to Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya (DAVV), the proctorial board of the university suspended Dhanendra Phalavi (IMS) and Nitendra Merkom (IIPS) students of the JCB Boy's hostel for thrashing and injuring their junior student.

The proctorial board has decided to suspend the duo from the hostel for the remaining duration of their course at the university.

"The board has decided that the senior students who have been found guilty of thrashing Vikalp (ragging victim) should be suspended from the hostel. It is on the basis of the report submitted by the anti-ragging squad," said DAVV public information officer Dr M S Parmar.

The guilty students will be suspended from their classes until the enquiry of the university is over. The second proctorial board meeting will be held on September 26."A further enquiry is going to be held in this case for ensuring justice. Till the time that enquiry is on, the guilty students will be suspended from their institute," said Parmar.

Viklap Nagale, an MBA (marketing management) student of IMS who hails from Chhindwara district Madhya Pradesh, was beaten up by his seniors and batch mates with belts and sticks after he refused to switch off the light of his room late night on Thursday.

Vikalp's friends at the hostel said that he was troubled by his seniors ever since he came to the hostel a month ago.

Eight students expelled for ragging

Eight senior students of Chandigarh College of Architecture (CCA), Sector 12, have been expelled from their hostel and debarred from attending classes for a month on charges of ragging. These students are Abhi Garg, Saurabh Singh, Raghav, Parthiv Das, Siddharth, Sanchit, Sashank and Raktim. Four of them study in the third year, three in the second and one in final year.

They allegedly indulged in ragging of five students of the first year the whole of Monday night. Following complaints by them on anti-ragging helpline numbers, a preliminary inquiry was held which found the five students were subjected to ragging at the boys’ hostel.

 College sources said the guilty students will have to repeat the semester as they will not be able to complete 75 per cent attendance because they have been ordered to stay away from classes for a month.

College Principal Pradeep Bhagat said, “Strict action was taken against the guilty students soon after we received the complaint from the victimised students. Eight students have been suspended from the college for a month and from the hostel forever.”

The five first-year students have been asked to shift to rooms on the ground floor of the hostel with a view to preventing ragging in the future.

 Sources said on Monday night many senior students living in the boys’ hostel came back from Delhi after taking part in a contest. These seniors then called five students of the first year from the first floor of the hostel and started ragging them. They were asked to sing, dance and do other objectionable activities. The ragging continued till morning the next day.

The junior students were threatened not to reveal these things to the authorities. But some students gathered courage and the issue reached the authorities.

Seniors ‘beat up’ Mahim college pupil

MUMBAI: A month after six students of a Bandra college were suspended for ragging their juniors, a first-year student of Mahim's St Xavier's Institute of Engineering has registered a complaint against two second-year diploma students of the college for allegedly bashing him up.

The Mahim police, on Monday, registered a non-cognizable complaint against the two accused.

"My son was beaten up twice in seven days by the two seniors. After the second incident, my son stopped going to college," said Maria Perreira, mother of the first-year student. According to complaint, the victim was beaten up by the two outside the college canteen on September 21. "What is the guarantee that my son will not be beaten up again? I had to ask for help from the police," she added.

"We recorded the complainant's statement and according to him, the fight started after a carom game. We have registered a non-cognizable complaint as of now," said an official at Mahim police station.

Perreira, along with some Yuva Sena members, also visited the college authorities to demand justice for her son. "My son had also been receiving threatening calls from the two and ever since, he hasn't stepped out of the house," the mother said.

 College principal Shivaji Ghungrad took note of the complaint and has asked the three students and their parents to come for a meeting on Tuesday.

"I have spoken to the second-year students as well as the complainant. We will meet them on Tuesday and discuss the matter. It's not serious and we will solve it on Tuesday," said Ghungrad. He also added that if need be, they will start counselling for both parties. "We will also thoroughly check the backgrounds of these students before taking any decision," added Ghungrad.

30 students held for ragging

 The police arrested 30 students of the Universal Engineering College, Vallivattom, for ragging juniors on Tuesday.

The police said that they acted on a complaint filed by the college principal N Premachandran stating that some students had ragged juniors on the college premises.

The complaint said the students assaulted the juniors when they arrived at the college by car on Sept14. “They beat them up and damaged the door of the vehicle. Besides, the senior students also threatened to kill them if they dared to come to the college again by car,” the police said. Following this, the anti-ragging committee of the college conducted a probe into the issue and found the senior students guilty.

Rai school suspends 21 students on ragging charges

SONIPAT: The Motilal Nehru Sports school at Rai village of Sonipat district, has suspended 21 hostellers for harassing junior students. It had suspended three students on Friday, hours after some 40 students who had left the hostel, fearing harassment at the hands of their seniors, were found and brought back after an overnight search. The school suspended 18 others on Sunday.

 Preliminary inquiry has revealed that 18 more students of classes 11 and 12 had been threatening students of class 9, school director-cum-principal V K Varma said on Sunday. "The school will take strong action against anyone found involved in ragging or any kind of indiscipline, be it students or employees. I am waiting for the completion of the inquiry into the incident," he said.

Student files ragging complaint to settle scores

AHMEDABAD: A student of Parul Pharmacy College, Vadodara, filed a complaint of allegedly being beaten up by his seniors at the highest level on the anti-ragging helpline of the University Grants Commision (UGC). Later, when the UGC ordered an inquiry, the boy did a volte face and said that he had reported a false complaint to settle personal enmity.

The boy, a first year student of pharmacy, had earlier said in his complaint to the UGC that his seniors united under a gang called 'Parul gang', summoned him behind the administration building of the college and bashed him up. The student alleged that the gang members also broke his specs. He said he had complained to the principal of the college who did not file a formal complaint. Fearing that his harassment would continue, he filed a complaint with UGC's 24-hour anti-ragging helpline.

 Following the complaint, the UGC directed both the college as well as GTU to inquire into the matter and send a report within 24 hours. The registrar of GTU said that action would be taken once the report is submitted.

However, the student later withdrew the complaint and changed his story, claiming that he was being harassed by security personnel and not his seniors. In a letter submitted to the UGC, the student wrote, "The complaint registered on the ragging incident did not actually fall under the criteria of ragging, and indiscipline of security personnel is not ragging. So l wish to withdraw my complaint which was done in anger. I did not approach the anti-ragging committee on campus or the college though there is a prominent display of notice boards announcing the same. There were no student gangs in Parul, the security personnel are those responsible for this incident."

Rajesh K S, principal of the college, said the incident was merely a disciplinary issue between the student and the security staff which was due to the student's undisciplined behavior towards security personnel.

"The student had just submitted a complaint against the external security personnel that was totally unrelated to ragging", the principal said.

College student hospitalised after being ragged

 A first year student of a city Arts college has been hospitalised after he was badly beaten up allegedly by his seniors during ragging, police said.

The youth, admitted to the Government Hospital with injuries on his face and eyes, claimed he was hit with a plastic pipe by some students he knew last night without any provocation.

Based on his complaint, an FIR was filed against the students, they said.

 Police said they are also verifying whether the college has formed an anti-ragging committee, as made mandatory by the Bharathiar University

 Meanwhile, heated arguments broke out between some doctors and mediapersons over taking visuals of the student at the hospital and a senior doctor reportedly manhandled a cameraman of a Tamil TV Channel.

However, another senior doctor and police intervened and sorted out the issue, they said.

'Ragging' in wake of donation collection for Ganesh Chaturthi

 INDORE: Students of Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science ( SGSITS) have allegedly registered complaints of bullying by their senior in hostel campus.

 The students alleged that seniors are forcing them to indulge into donation collection for Ganesh Chathurthi. Though the issue had surfaced on Monday too, the authorities had claimed to pacify the protests, which was actually was not.

 On Tuesday night, institute authorities again denied permission for collection of donation for the festival, which in turn resulted in ruckus on the campus for nearly four hours.

 On Tuesday, Warden Rakesh Saxena informed the hostellers that the institute authorities were against collection of donations for Ganesh Chaturthi and it should be stopped immediately.

 The reason behind it was stated to be complaints of bullying of second year students by students of third year. Some parents reportedly informed the institute authorities that senior students had allegedly pressed their wards into the task of donation collection.

 Moved by the complaints of parents, the institute authorities asked the hostellers not to collect donations.

 To this, the students created chaos on the campus on Tuesday night.

Twist in Christian Medical College ragging drama LUDHIANA:

In another twist in the ragging allegation case in one of the hostels of Christian Medical College (CMC), the college has denied that any such incident had occurred on the campus.

 Former warden of Ross hostel Dr Robert James has alleged in his complaint to CMC administration that senior students and members of the students council had ragged new batch students in the garb of an orientation programme and misbehaved with him, but there hasn't been any such complaint by the juniors themselves.

 James said he had submitted a written complaint against two boys from the students council to principal Dr S M Bhatti and to the governing body, but nobody paid heed to his complaint. "I then reported the ragging issue, which happened on July 25, to the senior administration members, but the students faced no action at all," he added.

 The management, however, is surprised why James brought the matter up after he was relieved from the responsibility of warden on September 5.

 CMC principal Dr S M Bhatti told TOI, "The boys had gathered for a formal orientation programme at the hostel, which was mistaken by Dr Robert as an act of ragging." Bhatti added, "Moreover, Dr Robert had some personal issues regarding his promotion and his complaint is just a weapon to force the management to kneel down to his requirements."

 There have been no complaints by the juniors about any sort of ragging as mentioned by James in his complaint letter to the authorities, said Bhatti. James' letter also mentions that he was threatened by senior CMC officials that he will be chucked out permanently.

Ragging trauma lands class 11 Pune girl in hospital

Pune: Supriya (name changed), a Std XI student of MIT Junior College, has been admitted to hospital after an incident of alleged ragging by girls from her class left her in deep shock. The traumatised girl's parents have alleged that her classmates forced her to eat non-vegetarian food, used her new moped without her consent and even taunted her for not having a boyfriend.

 Following the incident, the parents withdrew Supriya's admission on August 29 and made a formal complaint before the junior college authorities, seeking stringent action against the girls responsible.

 "My daughter was studying in MIT college and for the last one month she was facing harassment by three of her classmates," Supriya's father said. "She suffered in silence for long, not uttering a single word at home or making any complaint to the class teacher or principal."


He said that over the one month of ragging Supriya went through, she was forced by the three girls from her class to do various humiliating things. "She was once asked to eat non-vegetarian food even though she is vegetarian," he said. "Her classmates took rides on her new moped without her consent and even teased her for not having a boyfriend. For the entire month of August she was going through these traumatic situations and finally in the last week of the month, she broke her silence and narrated the incident of ragging to us, which made us approach the police and the college." Supriya's father said the police asked them to first approach the college.

"We even approached the Kothrud police station and asked it to lodge a complaint, but the police asked us to approach the college authorities with our complaints and said that they (college authorities) should lodge a complaint in this case," he said. Police Inspector (Crime) S B Navale of the Kothrud police station said the parents of the girl had approached them, but according to the Anti-Ragging Act the college or school should form a committee and initiate an inquiry, after which if the accused students are found guilty the educational institution should lodge a complaint with the police.

 Inquiry panel

The college constituted a seven-member committee to investigate the matter on Monday. "The committee will look into the matter and will submit its report in the next seven days," MIT Junipr College Principal Dr Rohini Patwardhan said. "We have received a written complaint from the parents of the girl just yesterday, and before that we were totally unaware about the incident happening on our campus. We have to consider both sides."

 Patwardhan, who is the chairperson of the college inquiry committee, made the assurance that justice would prevail. Supriya was studying in 'A' division, which has the most meritorious students in Std XI of the college.

The accusations - The victim was forced to consume non-vegetarian food - Her new two-wheeler was used by her classmates without her consent. When the girl protested, she was beaten up in the college parking lot - The vicitm was teased by the accused over her not having a boyfriend

Sonipat varsity suspends seven student on ragging charges

 SONIPAT: The Deenbadhu Chhotu Ram university of Science and Technology, ( DCRUST) at Murthal in Sonipat district has suspended seven students following an alleged incident of ragging in the campus on Tuesday evening. 

According to information, two students -Anil Kumar of MBA and Prashant Kumar of Bio-Technology department complaint to the vice chancellor that some senior students had assaulted them with leather belts on the pretext of ragging. The victim students also went to the civil hospital for treatment of the injury marks inflicted due to being hit by the belts.

The registrar of the university RK Arora informed the mediapersons late on Tuesday night that varsity had taken action against seven students who were named by the victims. "The guilty students who are seniors of the victims have been suspended and also a probe has been assigned into the ragging incident," he said.

Student dismissed for ragging

 A third-year engineering student was dismissed from his college and six others suspended for a week on charges of ragging and assaulting a first-year student on the college premises in Ponmar, near Tambaram a few days ago.

 A note from the management of Prince Dr. K. Vasudevan College of Engineering and Technology, Ponmar, said the first-year student of mechanical engineering was ragged and assaulted by a group of third-year students from the same stream on August 28. Two days later, the anti-ragging committee of the college summoned the third-year student primarily responsible for the incident. However, the student did not turn up for the meeting following which his parents were asked to come to the college and briefed about their son’s involvement.

 On August 31, the student, along with his friends, disrupted classes forcing the management to inform the police who conducted discussions with the agitating senior students but to no avail. The anti-ragging committee was convened again and it was unanimously decided to dismiss the third-year student from the college and suspend six others for a week.

Ragging caught on camera in Andhra Pradesh college

 New Delhi: A college in Andhra Pradesh failed to take any action after videos surfaced showing students being kicked and pushed around; some are seen on camera being ordered to inflate condoms into balloons. The National Institute of Technology (NIT) says the videos were taken in February this year.

Officials say this was not a case of ragging, but a perverted celebration of a birthday. The videos were broadcast on a local television channel yesterday.

 The management of the college says the CD was given to the police, which did not file a case against any student seen because the incident did not involve juniors being exploited by older students. Technically, therefore, this was not a case of ragging, said the police.

The management of the college says that at the time, it had offered counselling sessions to students who were involved in or disturbed by the incident. The college insists that it has a committee made up of teachers and students who monitor cases and complaints of ragging.

Five Tripura University students expelled for ragging

 Agartala, Aug 5 (IANS): Five students of Tripura University here were expelled for assaulting several junior students in the hostel, officials said on Sunday. "Five students of the university were expelled after they physically tortured many junior students during the past one week in the institution's hostel.

The condition of one student was stated to be serious due to torture late Friday night and he was shifted to hospital," an official of the central university told reporters. Several other students received injuries during the ragging. The decision to expel the students was taken after the anti-ragging committee submitted its report to university vice chancellor Arunoday Saha, who was not available in Tripura for comment. "This is the first time that Tripura University has expelled five students after it was set up in 1987," an official said on condition of anonymity.

3 expelled from Sirsa school for ragging

 Taking action on a ragging complaint submitted by five students of Class 9, the management of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya at Odhan in Sirsa district has expelled three Class-11 students and suspended four others for a fortnight. According to the complaint, senior students treated the as servants, making them wash their clothes and utensils, besides bringing food from the mess.

When they defied the seniors' orders, the juniors were allegedly kicked and slapped. Raj Kumar, Rohtash, Subhash and two other students had given a written complaint to principal Gopal Krishan Mishra, seeking strict action against the erring students. Talking to Hindustan Times, Mishra said, "On the basis of the complaint, we have issued transfer certificates to three Class-11 students and given a strict warning to four others." Mishra added, "As per the complaint, the juniors were beaten up by senior students and made to do chores such as washing clothes.

We took the decision after consultation with higher school authorities and have banned the entry of senior students into the juniors' hostel at night. Sources said the action was taken after students accused their seniors of indulging in indecent behaviour, but the principal denied receiving any such complaint.

Knife attack after ragging

 Tamluk, Sept. 3: An engineering student in East Midnapore was slashed with a knife allegedly by seniors outside his college after he threatened to complain against them for ragging him.

Shubhro Samanta, a first-year student of electronics and instrumentation at the College of Engineering and Management in Kolaghat, said a group of senior students stopped him on the second day in college on August 29.

"Around eight to 10 seniors surrounded me and took me to a room near the library. There, they forced me to smoke cigarettes and told me that if I had to study in the college, I would have to take drugs. Then they abused me and also told me that if I wanted to attend the classes peacefully, I would have to learn abusive words," Shubhro said. Shubhro, 17, the son of a farmer and resident of Daspur in West Midnapore, stays with his aunt in Kolaghat.

"When I refused to utter the abuses, they slapped me repeatedly. I told them that if they continued to treat me in this way, I will report the matter to the college director. The seniors became angry and dragged me out of the campus. I was also told never to return to the college," Shubhro said. Senior high court lawyer Tapas Bhanja said that according to the West Bengal Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institutions Act, 2000, a student found guilty of ragging could be jailed for a maximum of two years or fined Rs 5,000 or both.

Shubhro went for classes the next day and was stopped allegedly by the same group outside the main gate. "Just outside the campus, half a dozen youths, their faces covered with handkerchiefs, surrounded me. One of them attacked me with a knife. My left leg got slashed. Then he tried to slit my throat. I tried to stop him and my arms got slashed. The group said 'if you complain against us, we will murder you'. They told me never to return to the college. I believe the attackers were the seniors who had ragged me," he said. Shubhro today went to the Kolaghat police station and lodged an FIR. He also complained to the college director.

Ragging snowballs into kidnapping; seven held

Ragging of juniors by students of an engineering college in Gummidipoondi took an ugly turn and ended in the alleged kidnapping of one of the students. Thirumangalam police have arrested seven youngsters, including six students of the college and a former student, on charges including kidnap and assault. Speaking to The Hindu, Frank D. Ruban, Thirumangalam inspector, said tension erupted between third and final-year students of RMK Engineering College in Kavarappettai, on the campus, after the final-year students repeatedly ragged their juniors. “To put an end to this situation prevailing for a long time, third-year students Bharat (20) and Ramasubbu Reddy (20) went to meet fourth-year student Manoj Kumar (21) in his flat in Anna Nagar on Wednesday,” Mr. Ruban added. But as soon as they reached there, Manoj along with his classmates Navin (21), Pavan (21) and Srinivasa Teja, a former student of RMK College, assaulted Bharat and Ramasubbu and chased them away.

The enraged juniors and their classmates Rahul Reddy (20), along with some men called in from their village in Andhra Pradesh, went to Manoj’s flat on Friday. The group found Manoj’s brother Bharat Kumar (19) and his friends Vishnuvardhan (19) and Kousal Reddy (19) in the flat and assaulted them. They kidnapped Bharat Kumar hoping that his brother would come looking for him. The youngsters were heading towards Andhra Pradesh. “After realising that police were on the lookout for them, Bharat, Ramasubbu and Rahul returned to the city with Bharat Kumar. We intercepted them at Shanti Colony early on Saturday. Bharat Kumar was rescued,” Mr. Ruban said. Following a complaint by Bharat Kumar, police arrested Bharat, Ramasubbu and Rahul on charges of kidnap, while senior students Manoj, Navin, Pavan and ex-student Srinivasa Teja were arrested for assault.

The students were lodged in Saidapet sub-jail and Teja was sent to Puzhal prison. However, R.M. Kishore, vice chairman, RMK Engineering College, said the incident was not a case of ragging and was only an outcome of personal animosity between the students. “It occurred outside the college campus, and after college hours. It has nothing to do with the college,” he said, adding that the institute had an anti-ragging committee that checked for cases on the campus. “Ragging is strictly prohibited on our campus and offenders are dealt with very strictly.” Keywords: Gummudipoondi kidnapping, ragging, anti-ragging laws, senior-junior relationship, college life

Jodhpur: Eight engg students suspended for ragging Jaipur:

Despite stringent laws, it seems, there is no fear among students who openly and fearlessly rag new students. Cracking the whip on senior students, the anti-ragging and disciplinary committee of the MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur suspended eight students on Friday for allegedly ragging freshers. The college administration is also searching for other students involved in ragging. Notably, senior students ragged a few newcomers on August 27 (Monday) near the Swarn Jayanti Park.

During ragging, a team of reporters reached the spot and published a report in newspapers the next day. On this, vice-chancellor Prof BS Rajpurohit ordered an inquiry into the matter and action against the mischief students. Later, on Thursday, in the meeting of college administration it was decided that five hostellers and three general students should be suspended for ragging freshers in Swarn Jayanti Park.

 On Friday, chief proctor Prof Bhimsingh Chauhan taking strict action against them ordered to suspend the students who were allegedly involved in ragging juniors. “We have ordered suspension of eight the students. Further action will be taken after the inquiry is done,” said Prof Bhimsingh Chauhan. Meanwhile, those suspended for ragging newcomers in the hostel premises include Chetan Sharma, Ankur Innani, Vinay Agarwal, Nikhil Goyal and Kashish Garg. Likewise, three others suspended for ragging near the Swarn Jayanti Park are Kapil Dev Singhal, Sanjay Kumar Saraswat and Vinay Agarwal.