Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Twist in Christian Medical College ragging drama LUDHIANA:

In another twist in the ragging allegation case in one of the hostels of Christian Medical College (CMC), the college has denied that any such incident had occurred on the campus.

 Former warden of Ross hostel Dr Robert James has alleged in his complaint to CMC administration that senior students and members of the students council had ragged new batch students in the garb of an orientation programme and misbehaved with him, but there hasn't been any such complaint by the juniors themselves.

 James said he had submitted a written complaint against two boys from the students council to principal Dr S M Bhatti and to the governing body, but nobody paid heed to his complaint. "I then reported the ragging issue, which happened on July 25, to the senior administration members, but the students faced no action at all," he added.

 The management, however, is surprised why James brought the matter up after he was relieved from the responsibility of warden on September 5.

 CMC principal Dr S M Bhatti told TOI, "The boys had gathered for a formal orientation programme at the hostel, which was mistaken by Dr Robert as an act of ragging." Bhatti added, "Moreover, Dr Robert had some personal issues regarding his promotion and his complaint is just a weapon to force the management to kneel down to his requirements."

 There have been no complaints by the juniors about any sort of ragging as mentioned by James in his complaint letter to the authorities, said Bhatti. James' letter also mentions that he was threatened by senior CMC officials that he will be chucked out permanently.

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