Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Indore: Students suspended for ragging junior

Indore: Two students have been suspended from hostel for their involvement in the ragging case of first year management student of Institute of Management Studies (IMS) on Saturday.

Just a day after the ragging incident of first IMS student was reported to Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya (DAVV), the proctorial board of the university suspended Dhanendra Phalavi (IMS) and Nitendra Merkom (IIPS) students of the JCB Boy's hostel for thrashing and injuring their junior student.

The proctorial board has decided to suspend the duo from the hostel for the remaining duration of their course at the university.

"The board has decided that the senior students who have been found guilty of thrashing Vikalp (ragging victim) should be suspended from the hostel. It is on the basis of the report submitted by the anti-ragging squad," said DAVV public information officer Dr M S Parmar.

The guilty students will be suspended from their classes until the enquiry of the university is over. The second proctorial board meeting will be held on September 26."A further enquiry is going to be held in this case for ensuring justice. Till the time that enquiry is on, the guilty students will be suspended from their institute," said Parmar.

Viklap Nagale, an MBA (marketing management) student of IMS who hails from Chhindwara district Madhya Pradesh, was beaten up by his seniors and batch mates with belts and sticks after he refused to switch off the light of his room late night on Thursday.

Vikalp's friends at the hostel said that he was troubled by his seniors ever since he came to the hostel a month ago.

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