Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Eight students expelled for ragging

Eight senior students of Chandigarh College of Architecture (CCA), Sector 12, have been expelled from their hostel and debarred from attending classes for a month on charges of ragging. These students are Abhi Garg, Saurabh Singh, Raghav, Parthiv Das, Siddharth, Sanchit, Sashank and Raktim. Four of them study in the third year, three in the second and one in final year.

They allegedly indulged in ragging of five students of the first year the whole of Monday night. Following complaints by them on anti-ragging helpline numbers, a preliminary inquiry was held which found the five students were subjected to ragging at the boys’ hostel.

 College sources said the guilty students will have to repeat the semester as they will not be able to complete 75 per cent attendance because they have been ordered to stay away from classes for a month.

College Principal Pradeep Bhagat said, “Strict action was taken against the guilty students soon after we received the complaint from the victimised students. Eight students have been suspended from the college for a month and from the hostel forever.”

The five first-year students have been asked to shift to rooms on the ground floor of the hostel with a view to preventing ragging in the future.

 Sources said on Monday night many senior students living in the boys’ hostel came back from Delhi after taking part in a contest. These seniors then called five students of the first year from the first floor of the hostel and started ragging them. They were asked to sing, dance and do other objectionable activities. The ragging continued till morning the next day.

The junior students were threatened not to reveal these things to the authorities. But some students gathered courage and the issue reached the authorities.

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