Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ragging caught on camera in Andhra Pradesh college

 New Delhi: A college in Andhra Pradesh failed to take any action after videos surfaced showing students being kicked and pushed around; some are seen on camera being ordered to inflate condoms into balloons. The National Institute of Technology (NIT) says the videos were taken in February this year.

Officials say this was not a case of ragging, but a perverted celebration of a birthday. The videos were broadcast on a local television channel yesterday.

 The management of the college says the CD was given to the police, which did not file a case against any student seen because the incident did not involve juniors being exploited by older students. Technically, therefore, this was not a case of ragging, said the police.

The management of the college says that at the time, it had offered counselling sessions to students who were involved in or disturbed by the incident. The college insists that it has a committee made up of teachers and students who monitor cases and complaints of ragging.

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