Thursday, October 05, 2006

[KhaleejTimes] 7 girls linked to ragging asked to vacate hostel

3 October 2006

AHMEDABAD — Seven senior girl students of the Fine Arts faculty of Vadodara’s famed MS University, who were responsible for last month’s ragging incident in the girls hostel, have been asked to vacate the hostel. A fine of Rs1,000 was also imposed on them.

In another surprise action, 27 senior girls who remained mute spectators when five freshers were being forced to perform vulgar dances, were also told to pay a fine of Rs500 and warned against supporting ragging activities in future.

Parents of the seven girls expelled from the hostel, were informed in advance and the chief warden of the hostel was shown the door soon after the shameful incident.

A student-teacher committee formed after the victimised girls gave written complaints, probed the first-of-its-kind, shocking case and submitted its report. The report blamed the seven final-year students for ‘torturing’ the five first-year students during a birthday party in the dining hall of the hostel.
The seniors had also compelled the junior students to answer their ‘obscene questions put to them with obscene gestures’.

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SIBGHAT said...

ACTION takem by management is really appreciated & will discourage others to do this type of shameful act in future.