Saturday, July 22, 2006

[IE] Student alleges ragging in school hostel, packs his bags

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Vadodara, July 21: A CLASS VIII student of the Bhavan VM Public School, Vadodara, on Thursday packed his bags and left for his Ahmedabad home, complaining of ragging and verbal abuse by seniors in the school. However, school authorities denied the charge saying no ragging had taken place and instead suggested the boy, Zil Dalal, was homesick.

Zil, who is a resident of Ambawadi in Ahmedabad, said ‘‘The seniors would verbally abuse me daily and also ill-treat me all the time,’’ he said. He also added that his classmates did not let him study in peace and constantly riled him. Unable to take it anymore, Zil said he decided to leave the school. His sister Payal and her husband supported his decision. ‘‘It was not a nice school, Zil did not like it there so he left. So we withdrew him from the school,’’ said Payal.

The school has a different take on the entire episode though and insisted no ragging incident had taken in the past. Bhavan school principal, Vidya Shridesh, said, ‘‘We are a strict school and have never tolerated ragging. I think Zil was homesick, parents should understand their children and not just pack them off to hostels,’’ she said.

A Class XII hostel student, Jimmy, said seniors barely had the time to fraternise with the others as their schedule was tightly packed. ‘‘In fact, when the principal asked me if I was involved in ragging Zil, I asked her who Zil was?’’ he said.

His local guardian, Jennifer Bangora, said Zil had been studying in Mount Abu as a hosteler for six years without a problem. ‘‘I had heard that he was not happy at all in the hostel here,’’ she said.

School authorities said they had learnt that Zil who had done his Class VII at Anand Niketan School in Ahmedabad had encountered problems there as well. After leaving Anand Niketan, he had got admission into Bhavan. Prior to Anand Niketan he had studied in Mt Abu up to Class VI where he had secured 90 per cent marks which dropped to 50 per cent at Anand Niketan.

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Anonymous said...

Anand niketan is not a school which tolerated ragging. In fact the students dont believe in ragging. I am a student of Anand Niketan and I am very happy in this school. i havent seen anybody being ragged till now.