Friday, July 07, 2006

[Hindu] Gearing up for `freshers'

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The last lap in the race for admission to Delhi University has begun with the third list being declared on Tuesday. With only a few seats left, the fourth list -- which will be declared on July 10 -- might be the last hope for students still wanting to get into college, but for the most part the admission process is largely over.

While students are busy getting used to the idea of embracing a whole new way of learning, colleges are also gearing up to deal with "freshers". And to ensure that the first day of college for students is smooth and hassle free, a meeting with college Principals and police officials has been called next week.

"We will discuss safety measures that need to be taken for students. It is preparatory session. Apart from ragging, there will be other things discussed," said Proctor Gurmeet Singh.

Wanting to ensure that students start their college lives on the right note, some colleges have installed closed-circuit cameras to keep a watch. But the high cost factor for the cameras has kept some colleges out of this technological aspect surveillance and they prefer the good old-fashioned ways to deal with ragging.

The University is also looking at making the campus safer for girl students by working out a system to keep an eye on the paying guest (PG) accommodations that have mushroomed in the area. While it is still an idea and concrete plans need to be drawn up, there is at least a move to look in this direction.

"We still have to work it out. Data is being collected and we hope to be able to have an empanelment exercise," said Prof. Singh.

Some colleges, however, have taken a lead in this area on their own. Indraprastha College, for example, takes down the details of students staying in PG accommodation so that they can keep an eye on the situation.

"These details will be taken down in our orientation session on July 15. We have a list of PG accommodations operating in the area, so that we know that our students are safe," said Indraprastha College Media Coordinator Manasvini Yogi.

Mandira Nayar

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