Friday, June 05, 2009


Patna, (Bihar Times): After the Patna Medical College Hospital it is now the turn of the Darbhanga Medical College Hospital to be in news––all for wrong reasons. Students of the second year went on rampage on Saturday evening following the decision of the college to close it sine die and get the hostels vacate after the ugly incident of ragging on Thursday night.
The seniors ransacked the office of the principal, Prof S N Sinha, and destroyed the college property when the latter was holding a meeting on the issue of barbaric ragging of the nine first year students by the second year students. As they were caught by the principal red-handed on Thursday night the seniors became agitated.
The Saturday behaviour of the senior students defied any reason as it was they who first brutally ragged the freshers, seriously injuring one of them, and then went on the warpath when the hostels were vacated.
The medical students have perhaps got encouragement from the behaviour of their seniors––the junior doctors of the Patna Medical College Hospital––who last June forced the state government to withdraw all the cases against them by using pressure tactic. These junior doctors were charged with assaulting the patients and their attendants. The junior doctors won the battle notwithstanding the chief minister, Nitish Kumar’s stern warning that he would close down the PMCH.

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