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About CURE
CURE is a non-profit organization dedicated solely towards the elimination of ragging and promotion of more positive ways of interaction among seniors and freshers in Indian universities. CURE was started by three students in the year 2001 as a website and has now become the most active group on ragging. It is run by alumni of IIT, MIT(USA) and those with experience in Planning Commision of the Govt. of India.

CURE: Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education ( is a research, awareness and advocacy body against ragging. Established in 2001, CURE is the first organization to take up the cause of ragging and has ever since involved in research activities involving collection and analysis of ragging data, campaigns such as printing/distribution of newsletters, slogan stickers, talk shows and working with various govt/non-govt bodies . CURE acted as a consultant to the Raghavan Committee of the Ministry of HRD, provided research data to the govt of India and was cited several times in the Raghavan Committee Report. CURE's portal ( has been referenced by many institutes such as IIT, Delhi, colleges in Punjab and South India. Last year, CURE launched the first song and video on `Ragging' ( The video has been made with a collaborative effort of the CURE team and first year students of NSIT, Delhi. The video has already made its way to MTV, NDTV and Aaj-Tak. It has also become the `Ragging Anthem' on youtube. CURE has been covered in each and every newspaper and News Channel in India across the Nation.

CURE website:

CURE is providing an exciting opportunity to first/second year students to utilize their summers in a fruitful way with scope of learning plethora of new things by doing and by experience, for a very relevant cause. The internship would require putting together creativity with technical-knowhow to create powerful media to sensitize the Nation about the cause. The candidate shall work on conceptualization and design of a video based on a ragging-victim interview, which shall hit the all the leading dailies and news channel in August.

The candidate will get opportunity to learn the nuances and seriousness of the issue and will gain experience in product development which will highly develop & enhance his/her presentation and product-selling skills. The candidate shall also discover how to self-learn new tools on a computer and how with concentrated effort, a very impressive and relevant product can be designed.

* Completed first/second year of college. With Keen interest in learning new things.
* Ease of working on computer and a fast self-learner of new tools and software.
* Ready to work hard and patient.
* Creative, good aesthetic and common sense.
* Aware of /sensitive to happenings around.
* Patient.
* Positive towards new ideas and reviews.

End June till 7th August 2009.

A respectable amount will be paid to cover basic costs of the person. The motivation of the project should be immense learning and contributing to a live project.

To Apply:
Send your resume to

With a 100 words(maximum) answer to "Why you would like to be a part of this project?"- Show quoted tex

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