Sunday, June 21, 2009

AP student kills self; family cries foul

Tuesday June 9, 2009, Hyderabad

In what appears to be yet another case of ragging, Devender Kumar, a 20-year-old MCA student in Hyderabad was found dead in Warangal. His family is alleging he chose death because he could not deal with the torture of ragging. The college however denies the charges.

Devender Kumar's body was found dead on a railway track in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. The second year MCA student at Vasavi college in Hyderabad reportedly could not take the taunts of his seniors in college.

"My sister shifted to Hyderabad so that he could move out of the hostel and she could cook for him and stay with him. But they continued to harass and tease him ," said Devender's brother.

"The college management should take stringent action so that no other student or his family should face such a tragedy," said Devender's sister.

The college management claims it is not a case of death due to ragging.

"We have an anti-ragging committee in college, which has squads all over the campus. So there is no scope for ragging," said Chengappa, Principal, Vasavi College

The railway police are inquiring into the incident.

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