Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ragged in the name of 'Intro' in campus

15 Feb 2009, 2052 hrs IST, Rajiv Mani, TNN

ALLAHABAD: Even as the Supreme Court has cracked its whip on everyone who are found to be indulged in ragging, the menace in a milder form has sustained its existence on the campus of Allahabad University in the name of 'Intro'. However, authorities are helpless due to lack of any written complaint.

Giving a new definition to ragging, the juniors of various hostels were asked to parade on the roads, during night hours, shouting abusive and slang sentences. In return, juniors were served with tea and refreshment. Even the varsity officials are well aware of the fact but cannot act since there is no written complaint. " Many inmates call me at late night hours complaining about the Intro being conducted in ABC number room but the callers do not reveal their identity or even report the matter at my office, said chief proctor of AU, prof Jata Shankar.
On being asked about the intro menace, he said, “Ragging was the bad shape of taking introduction of freshers but introduction is a healthy sign if it is being conducted in limits.” Taking a precautionary step, the chief proctor has written to wardens and superintendents of all the hostels that if any case of ragging is reported from their respective units, the individual warden and superintendent would be held responsible.

Introduction, over a period of time, has taken an ugly shape but if it does not aims at hurting or torturing the juniors, it is a healthy way to interact with new comers, said prof Deepa Punetha, warden SN Hostel. Knowing each other was essential for fulfilling the needs of the group, added Punetha, faculty member from the department of Psychology, AU. Ragging reflects the base nature of the guys who perpetrate it. “It is harmful for a healthy society, no matter mild or severe,” she added.

As long as the victims are afraid to complain, fearing revenge of their tormentors and isolation in the student community, nothing will change, says Kalpanath, student of B Tec-IV semester, AU. Most students believe that complaining against minor incidents of ragging will harm them more than doing any good, as freshers have to study on the same campus, said a girl inmate of SNH hostel.

Majority of students believe that healthy ragging is good on campus. "We don't need to obliterate the very idea of ragging from the campus. There is no harm in having some fun during an introduction session between the freshers and the seniors. In fact, this can help unearth some hidden talents of a student", said Tanuja.

It is a psychological problem. It should be addressed at that level. What we see in the name of ragging is no mere introduction. The behaviour of those involving in acts of ragging often calls for psychic treatment, said an inmate.

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