Sunday, June 21, 2009

Homeopathy college student fears threat to life from seniors

Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 0300 hrs IST

For over a month now, Amit Gupta, a first year student of Lord Mahavira Homeopathic Medical College, has failed to summon courage to attend classes at the college. The April 16 incident of alleged ragging and harassment not only resulted in serious physical injuries to Amit but also left him in a mental trauma as he says that he has been getting life-threatening calls ever since he reported the matter to police.
“I am living under a constant fear that the students who beat me up on April 16, might come again and kill me” he says with fear in his voice.
Amit had filed an FIR against four students, three of them from the same college and fourth from an engineering college, who were later arrested in connection with the incident. They were charged with criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt along with wrong restraint.
However, threatening calls from the accused asking him to withdraw the case against them have left Amit mentally upset as he is now afraid to step out and has not been able to attend classes at the college ever since. Amit said that the accused flaunted their political links saying that they could get away with anything
The three of these students are my seniors and have been bullying me for a year now. They used to rag me every now and then initially when I joined the college last year calling me names and passing region-based remarks as I come from Bihar. They humiliated me but I kept my cool knowing very well that I was living away from my home to pursue my studies,” he said.

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Dr Prabhat Tandon said...

really a shame !! strict punishment should be imposed on those who involved in such incidents!!