Sunday, June 21, 2009

NID student expelled on ragging complaint

Posted: Saturday , Jun 20, 2009 at 0053 hrs IST
A second-year student of the National Institute of Design has been expelled from the hostel for six months in the first-ever reported incident of ragging at the institute’s Gandhinagar campus.
Disciplinary action was taken against the IInd-year Toy and Game Design (PGDPD) student after the complainant, a first-year girl student shot off a complaint letter to Vinay Kumar, the Dean of the PG Hostel, earlier on Monday. Kumar said the anti-ragging committee of the Institute took cognisance of the complaint and took necessary action. “We have an anti-ragging committee in place and we have taken appropriate action against the IInd year student,” he said.
Akhil Sahay, the PG Hostel Warden of the Gandhinagar campus of the institute, said: “We came across one complaint on the campus by a new student three to four days ago. The anti-ragging committee took cognisance of the complaint and immediately called the two students and recorded their individual statements.

The committee’s finding was that the nature of the complaint doesn’t exactly fall under the purview of ragging. But action has been taken against the second year student and he has been expelled from the PG campus hostel for the next six months .”

Incidentally, the nature of the ragging is not known, but sources have said that the accused student has reportedly apologised to the girl after the incident. But she refused to take back her complaint and demanded that he apologise publicly. The fresher has joined the Institute about a month ago.

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