Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ragging glare on college after servitude act

RAIGANJ, 24 AUG: A first year BA student of Raiganj College (University College), Atul Rabidas (in picture), was allegedly a victim of ragging by his senior students in the hostel of the college for the last three days. On the basis of this report, the anti-ragging committee of Raiganj College today held a meeting to punish the students who introduced ragging into the college hostel.

It was learnt that Atul Rabidas was a resident of Tunnidighi village under Karandighi police station of North Dinajpur district. Recently he was admitted to this college and started to stay in this hostel. A section of senior students were reportedly forcing him to serve meals to all the students in the hostel. Without any excuse, he was being forced to serve them for hours at night. In case of any protest, he was beaten up too. Today this report was placed to the principal of Raiganj College Dr Dilip Dey Sarkar by both the superintendent of the boys’ hostel of Raiganj College and the general secretary of the students’ union of Raiganj College Mr Souvik Roy. When asked, Atul Rabidas, the victim, was too fearful to make any comment.

The superintendent of the boys’ hostel in Raiganj College Mr Debasish Biswas said: "We had a report that Atul Rabidas has been being ragged by the senior students over the last three days. We suspect that in fear he is not disclosing the facts to us. On the basis of the report of other inmates of the hostel we came to know that a section of students were torturing this newcomer both physically and mentally. The students who introduced the ragging are yet to be traced. The subject today was also brought to the notice of the principal of the college.

The principal of Raiganj College (University) Dr Dilip Dey Sarkar said: "On the basis of the report today we, the members of the anti-ragging committee, had a meeting. We started an investigation over the report. We will have to ask the victim too. If it has or is happening, drastic steps will to be taken against the perpetrators." SNS

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