Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nursing students allege ragging by seniors, hold protest march

Published: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 at 20:16 IST

Jalandha: Alleging tormenting and ragging by their seniors, first year students of B Sc (Nursing) of Mahatma Hans Raj Institute of Nursing today held a protest outside the Principal's office.

The aggrieved students alleged that the seniors have been ragging them since long by forcing them to wash utensils, washbasins, dusting of the rooms and hurling abuses on them without any reasons while frisking them in a humiliating manner was order of the day.

However, Institute authorities have strongly denied the ragging allegations while holding that students mainly wanted more off days and the trouble was fomented by one particular student and her family as she wanted more off days after already exhausting her quota.

The authorities said that some outsiders also accompanied the family of the girl and instigated the protest and tutored the girls to use word ragging to sensationalize the matter.

Around three dozen students gathered outside the office of the principal and protested for around a couple of hours while also raising slogans.

They alleged that they were being subjected to ragging by their seniors who were forcing them to wash their utensils, clean the areas of the hostels.

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Gaurav Singhal said...

Not clear in this case Anti-Ragging Helpline was approached or not...