Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3 IIT-M students expelled from hostel for ragging

TNN 25 August 2009, 03:01am IST

CHENNAI: Three senior IIT (Madras) students have been expelled from the hostel for a year for allegedly harassing juniors who joined the institution this academic year.

‘‘The students, all residents of the Alaknanda Hostel block, were identified as involved in misbehaviour with junior students. They were expelled last week,’’ a faculty member said on Monday. Officially, authorities have chosen not to describe the incident as ‘‘ragging’’.

They said the students had ‘‘misbehaved’’ with juniors, a subtle distinction made to spare them of a more severe punishment.

All three students were on August 18 directed to vacate the hostel. ‘‘The expelled students have been prohibited from visiting the hostel zone including dining halls during the period of expulsion,’’ the faculty member said.

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Anonymous said...

I am thankful to the management of IIT-M for taking proper action in time. Keep it up, sirs.

Best regards,
Dipak Kumar