Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maldivian students ragged in an Indian college

CJ: Hassan Ziyau Wed, Aug 19, 2009 15:57:28 IST

FIVE MALDIVIAN students studying in Garden City College in Bangalore, India, were beaten up badly, leaving four students with injuries. According to the students, in the early hours of August 15, 2009, a group of drunken seniors turned up at one of the houses where they live and beat them up.

“They were drunkards passing by, they spotted a Maldivian in the balcony,” one of the Maldivian students studying in the Garden City College explained the incident. “They yelled at him what he was looking at, he said nothing.”

According to the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that there were more verbal confrontations, which ultimately fuelled itself into a dispute. “Someone called the (rest of the) Maldivians, they came and both groups started fighting.”

Two of the students in the house locked themselves up, while another five were beaten up by the gang with four Maldivians sustaining injuries. According to the students, the Indians were senior students of the same college. The Maldivians were newly arrived juniors who had joined the college a month back.

More than 100 Maldivian students are currently studying at Garden City College and around 20 to 25 students came in for fresh admissions this year. Most of these students live in Hoskote, a town in Bangalore rural district. This was where the students were beaten up.

“There wasn’t any police presence near the area and how can we report such a case,” said another student who wishes not to be named. After several hours, students managed to report the incident to the college security and they arrived hours later.

The college is described as one of the best universities in India by the Maldivian education minister. Garden City College is affiliated to Bangalore University. Speaking at a news conference held on July 11, 2009, Dr Mustafa Luthufee said, “One of the best universities in India, the Garden City College, has given us several scholarship opportunities.”

I have been trying to contact the college officials regarding the matter with no response yet.

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