Thursday, September 12, 2013

‘Secret ragging’ strikes at HCU hostels

 Hyderabad: Despite stringent laws, ragging is still a part and parcel of a freshman’s life at the prestigious University of Hyderabad. The new academic year has started this month at the university and according to freshmen of the MCA department, their seniors have set in place many “rules and regulations” for them apart from regular “midnight abuses” in the hostel rooms.

 A student from the MCA department under condition of anonymity said, “Over the last three days, I have been mentally harassed and threatened by seniors. They call us to a room in F hostel at midnight and ask us to do things that we can’t do.

 They compel us to sing and dance and if we refuse, they abuse us in foul language and threaten us with dare consequences.” “If any of us have a stylish beard or moustache, they ask us to shave it,” said the student, who took admission a week back. Freshers are forced to buy food for seniors, said a source adding that the ragging will continue till the fresher’s party, which will take place in end August or beginning of September. 

Sources said that many MCA freshers in the hostels, especially the “F” hostel, are subjected to mental harassment every night. They are forced to address their seniors as ‘sir’ and are made to wear full-sleeve shirts throughout the day and even while sleeping.

They are also not allowed to befriend students from other departments. None of the freshers have approached the university or the police due to fear. “It’s a secret torture. None of us are able to approach the administration because we have to depend on our seniors throughout the course and even for our job placements.

If anyone acts against their orders, they will sideline us in class and lab works, which will affect our careers,” said an MCA student, adding that they have to do many group assignments with the help of senior students. Varsity denies charges Officials of the University of Hyderabad have denied allegations of ragging stating that no student had filed any complaints.

 “We have not come across any such complaint. But if this ‘secret ragging’ is going on among MCA students, we will strengthen our vigil.

We will take strong action against the culprits after finding them with the help of the anti-ragging squad, hostel wardens and security,” said UoH dean of student welfare B.V.S. Sharma.

 He added that anyone can approach him, even anonymously, and lodge a complaint. “And we will take strong action if anybody is found guilty.” Chandanagar police officials said that they would investigate if a complaint was filed on the issue.

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