Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 students picked up after ragging clash

 CHENNAI: Police detained three students of Sathyabama Engineering College after a clash over ragging in Thoraipakkam on Tuesday night.

Police later let them off. Police said the trouble started when second-year engineering students asked a first-year student to remove ear studs. When the freshers resisted the attempts to rag them, the seniors attacked them, a police officer said. Both sides exchanged blows and the seniors claimed that the first-year students had abused them.

A few other senior students broke up the fight and asked them not to behave inappropriately in the college. Later in the night, at 10.30 pm, around 20 senior students came looking for the freshers in the apartment complex near Kottivakkam where they stayed, the officer said. They barged into the rooms of the students on the first floor and started an all-out fight.

The two sides traded punches till the complex security guards stopped the fight. A passer-by who saw the two groups fighting alerted the police. Policemen rushed to the spot and picked up over 30 students for questioning. Police registered cases against three students involved in the incident and later let them off on bail. "We gave them a stern warning," the officer said.

"We will take stringent action against them if they fight and cause a ruckus again." He said police officers spoke to college authorities about the incident. "We have been holding awareness programmes in colleges to stop ragging, but students do not seem to learn," the officer said.

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