Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lucknow teen fighting for life, family blames college for ragging

 A 17-year-old college student in Lucknow is fighting for her life in hospital after she fell from the third floor of a building on campus. Sumbul Ishaq's family alleges that she was either pushed by senior students, or fell down after she was cornered by a group that was ragging her on Tuesday. She has multiple fractures and her jaw has been hurt so badly that she cannot speak.

 A police team visited the private college today to gather more information and to question the principal about her family's accusations. Her father, Abu Ishaq, has told the police that Sumbul had complained recently about being harassed by other students both on the bus she took to college and on campus. He says his complaints to the college management were ignored.

 He also says a teacher humiliated her for not being fluent in English. The police will have to wait till Sumbul is better before it can ask her to help identify those who were allegedly her tormentors. College officials say her cellphone was found after her accident and has been given to the police, which says it will see if records of text messages or calls furnish clues about her ordeal.

 Dr L Shekhar, a senior management official, told NDTV, "No complaint of any ragging or harassment of girl was ever brought to the notice of the management by the girl's guardians. When the incident took place, the girl was rushed to the hospital by four teachers and one student. The college is cooperating with the police in its investigations."

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