Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bid to prevent ragging leads to assault on campus

Posted: Wed Sep 29 2010, 04:48 hrs

Three students were allegedly beaten up at National College for resisting an attempt at ragging. They registered a complaint with the Khar police Tuesday evening, saying they were beaten up with bamboo sticks, chains and iron rods by attackers close to Masak Shaikh, 40, a “student leader” who frequents the college premises. Vijay Gore, a MNS student body member, said, “Saif Khan had come on Tuesday evening to apply for admission when Shaikh and his friends tried to rag him. Rizwan Faisal and Rehman Khan, tried to intervene and Shaikh’s people started assaulting them. The three were treated in Bhabha Hospital. We have requested the college authorities to write to the police asking them to prevent Shaikh from trespassing on the college premises as he is not a student but a troublemaker.” A police official said, “We have registered a case of assault against 15-16 persons and are taking statements of the victims.”

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