Saturday, December 18, 2010

Row over hostel ragging

Patna, Dec. 14: A day after students owing allegiance to Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) created ruckus, there was palpable tension on the campus over an incident of ragging at Patna University New Hostel.

A source said senior boarders of the hostel assaulted fellow students when they protested an incident of ragging.

Rahul Kumar and Prashant Kumar — both third year BBA students — were allegedly beaten up on Monday night because they had dared to protest an incident of ragging.

Rahul sustained injuries on his ear and Prashant on his hand and leg. Both of them refused to comment on the incident.

The intervention of the senior students had led to a compromise, they said.

The university, however, is taking a serious view of the incident.

A source said university authorities are planning to crack down on such incidents that not only affect the reputation of the university but also endanger the safety of students.

New Hostel superintendent V.K. Das has sought a detailed report of the incident.

Patna University disciplinary committee is also planning to deal seriously with the incident.

Randhir Kumar Singh, a teacher of Patna College and a member of the disciplinary committee, said: “A meeting of the disciplinary committee was convened in the office of the principal of Patna College. Members of the committee have decided to take strong steps to punish the guilty.”

“Both senior and junior students have been asked to give in writing why disciplinary action should not be taken against them. They have to submit their replies by 11am on December 20,” said Singh.

Sources said the incident on Monday was in retaliation to a protest lodged by Rahul and Prashant on Sunday, when some senior boarders at the hostel ragged some juniors. The two of them had tried to stop the seniors but in vain.

A junior student informed the Pirbhore police about the incident.

Though no formal complaint was lodged, the police summoned the senior students to warn them.

On Monday, the senior students were waiting to settle scores with Rahul and Prashant, as they believed the junior students had informed the police about the incident on their behest.

An altercation ensued between the duo and the other students and they soon came down to exchanging blows. Rahul and Prashant were injured in the scuffle.

Tanveer, an NCP student leader, said: “This is a very serious incident and efforts are being made to play it down.”

A source said some senior students had ragged the juniors on Sunday by asking them to run around the hostel campus.

Harihar Kumar, a student of Hindi (honours) fainted in the course but the seniors did not stop ragging.

A junior student said he had informed the college authorities about the incidents of ragging but no action had been taken.

Yuvraj Kumar, a resident of Minto Hostel, said: “Incidents like this happen all the time but no complaints are lodged. Such incidents also take place in Jackson Hostel.”

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