Monday, September 07, 2009

Nine students expelled for torture


Agartala, Sept. 6: Nine students of Agartala Government Medical College were ousted from the boys’ hostel yesterday after they grievously injured a first-year student on suspicion of stealing a laptop.

While six were expelled permanently, three have been suspended for six months by a notification issued by principal Dilip Kumar Das. The tortured student, Anil Jamatya, is undergoing treatment at G.B. Hospital.

“This boy belongs to the 2006 batch but failed to clear exams and is still languishing in first year. He allegedly stole a laptop from a second year student and was subjected to nightlong physical torture. It was so vicious that a hot iron was pressed against his back,” an official source said.

The students have been directed to clear out of the hostel by September 9.

This second-year batch, comprising 14students, including the nine expelled this time, had earlier been suspended from the hostel for a month for physically abusing first year students as part of the “ragging” process.

Authorities, however, are not willing to disclose the names of the expelled students as they would have to look for accommodation outside the hostel and any taint on their reputation could make finding a rented place difficult.

A source said the college is trying to pass off the expulsion as a disciplinary step and not viewing the action as ragging-related.

Besides, they do not want to declare it as “ragging” as it could attract suo motu action by the police. The college principal and hostel warden refused to comment.

Subroto Chakravarty, officer-in-charge, West Agartala police station, said: “We have received no complaint. So there is no question of taking any action.”

The college, however, has a long history of ragging expulsions. “Last month, we had to suspend all the girl students of second year from the hostel for six months after they subjected new students to the vilest and most obscene physical torture. Their suspension period was, however, reduced following guardians’ appeals,” the college source said.

Three years ago, the son of Congress MLA Biswabandhu Sen escaped a murderous assault by fellow students at the medical college during a ragging session. Though there were no reports of ragging for about a year after the incident, the menace is back to haunt the medical college campus.

“This is the first time that such a drastic action has been take. Everybody will have to be careful from now on,” Dhaniram Devvarma, a third year student, said.

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