Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ragging victim in MP attempts suicide
By Narad in Bhopal
Wednesday, 24 December , 2003, 15:20
A first-year MBBS student in Indore, Madhya Pradesh is reported to have attempted suicide following continuous ragging by his seniors.
Nineteen-year-old Anuj Khargar, a student of the MGM Medical College, consumed anti-anxiety pills in a bid to end his life before slashing both his wrists after being ragged by his seniors earlier.
The matter came to light on Monday after the private clinic where he is undergoing treatment reported the matter to the police. No FIR has yet been registered by the police against any of the accused. However, the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has directed the MGM Medical College acting Dean Dr MK Saraswat to initiate an enquiry into the incident at the earliest.
Anuj told his roommates and landlord Gulshan Yadav that some of the second-year MBBS students had been ragging him from the last few days. Besides torturing him mentally, they also undressed him and beat him up.
Anuj's father Vijay Sagar said that he did not want any action against anyone and was happy that his son was safe.
Earlier too, cases of ragging have been reported to the college administration but no action was taken against the accused.

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