Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ragging spreads to schools

"How can I ride my bicycle with one hand? My friends will make fun of me. Grandma, please give me poison, let me die," wails this student who is only 15-years-old. This is nothing but the result of gruesome ragging. Thanks to a schoolmate, a beast and a bully, who pushed him out of a running train, this poor boy, Sridhar, has not only lost a hand but has also become deaf in one ear.
A X-standard student of a private school in Tambaram, Sridhar lost his mother when he was a nine-month-old baby. His father got married again and is living in Dubai. Sridhar is staying with his grandmother and uncle in Balaji Nagar in Irumbuliyur, next to Tambaram. Sridhar, who left for school on the morning of March 6, returned home, after several days, minus a hand and sense of hearing in one ear.
Sridhar narrated the story." That day (March 6) I left for school in the afternoon. I did not want to go to school by cycle, since I was afraid my tyres would be deflated. So I parked the cycle in the railway station's cycle stand and came to the platform. Feroz Khan, a +1 student, and 2 other boys also came there. Feroz Khan asked me what happened to my cycle. I told him I left it at home. He snatched my school bag and threw it inside a moving train. I ran to retrieve it. Feroz Khan and the other two boys also boarded the train. They made me sit near the window and kept taunting me. I got up from there and stood near the doorway. Feroz Khan followed me and hit me on my face and stomach. When I started yelling, unable to bear the pain, they pushed me out of the train. I fell down, near the Sanatorium. I was conscious after I fell down. I got up and started walking slowly. I immediately realised that my one hand was missing. Looking for help, I reached the Sanatorium railway station and gave my telephone number to the people who were there. I do not know what happened next. I regained consciousness only in Stanley Hospital. I have lost one hand; I have also become deaf in one year," says Sridhar, sobbing uncontrollably.
Sridhar's uncle, Saravanan is an engine driver. He managed to pick up the severed hand from the tracks, but the doctors said it is not possible to put it back. Sridhar has been at the receiving end of the bullying tactics of Feroz Khan for the past six months. He had also threatened Sridhar with dire consequences, if he squealed. Though this boy lost one hand, the police had registered the case only as a train accident. Sridhar, who was admitted on 6th, regained consciousness only on 9th. He has his right hand only. Doctors are hopeful that his hearing may be restored with the help of specialists.
Sridhar's grandmother wary of the hassles and the unavoidable trips to the courts, police station, etc. did not prefer a complaint. But greatly moved and upset by her grandson's plight, she finally went to the police. Police are on the look out for Feroz Khan, the student responsible for this dastardly act. Feroz has been suspended from school. Sridhar, who had to miss his X-std. exams, is now sitting at home, crestfallen.
Let us wish sincerely that Sridhar gets an artificial limb. Let us also hope his hearing will be restored. Whatever may be, who can mend his broken heart?

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