Sunday, June 18, 2006

Complain to the authorities and face the music!

A horrific tale from someone who wrote to CURE... (the name of place has been suppressed for anonymity)...
Please dont tell this incident to anybody else in my name, but when i was in college, i was staying to a room which was shared between me and my classmate.

Two years back i was there studying. When i entered the college i was very happy because i got admission to my favorite branch of engineering. One day one of the Senior who was 1year senior to me, had a word with me,on one issue. So i had a word with my Senior who was of 22 years ,and i was 20 years. And complained my college professor regading that issue so the college professor complained to the principal,and the senior was suspended for 8 days and i was given justice.

But after that day that boy kept a watch on me and one day when i was alone at my room he came with his 3 friends and started giving bad words and started beating me, and forcefully those boys removed all of my clothes including my brief and 2 of the boys started removing there clothes and were naked with me and started physically with me on my body i was very much ashamed but i could not do anything, and after half and hour 1 of the boy had a anal sex with me and gifted me with his spe.... and i then left the room i was with a deep shock and could not tell this incident to anybody because it was neither a ragging nor a incident which can be told to anybody,so i kept quiet but today after 2years i m telling this incidence to somebody,but please dont let my name to come in.

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