Sunday, June 18, 2006

Perverted Sexual ragging at BPT College, Raigad, Maharashtra

We are sorry for the explicit nature of these messages, but these are words of horror...

I m studying in BPT College in Raigad Maharashtra.

Ours is a taluka type area and in that the boys are really hopeless, because we stays in the hostels and they stays nearby. When I was in the First Year on the very first day my 7 Seniors tooked me to the terrace and just removed all my clothes and made me fully naked and one by one had anal sex with me and 4 of them shagged anally and after that left me, i was just dying of pain and could not tell this incident to anybody because i have to still stay in that college and had no courage in saying that i m fucked by some one to others but please i pray that my other juniors should not be harmed


Sumeet@Tokyo said...

This is ABSOLUTELY pathetic.

I cant imagine how, till I hadnt joined CURE, I was not just complascent, but even moderately positive about the concept of ragging.

Anonymous said...

u always had a choice...staying in a god damn colege were ur raped is stupid...u couldve done something even if it meant u had to give ur life ur pathetic as one those guys who sexually ragged u..