Sunday, June 18, 2006

DU asks colleges to be vigil with spy cams to check ragging

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As in the last few years, this year too spy-cams will find use in DU campus...

New Delhi, June 15: Senior students planning to have fun by ragging fresh entrants in the Delhi University (DU) colleges will have to cheat spy cams this year, if they want to go scot free!

The university authorities have asked all the 79 colleges under the institution to take all necessary steps, including installation of spy cameras in their campuses, to avoid any "unsolicited" attempt of seniors on the fresh entrants.

"There is a standing guideline for every colleges as to what steps should be taken to check any ragging incident. Besides, we have specially asked all the colleges to be on guard by taking all necessary steps, including installing hidden cameras, to check such incidents," Dean of Students Welfare Prof Satinder Vij said.

He said every college has a discipline committee to sensitise students not to rag their juniors, as it is a "criminal offence".

This apart, many colleges have already installed hidden cameras at strategic places in their campuses to detect the offenders.

"Any unsolicited attempt, verbal or physical, by the senior students should be discouraged. Very often, ragging takes place under the cover of interaction. We are discouraging that also," he said.

There has been a significant fall in the number of ragging cases in the colleges under Delhi University during the last three years, he said. Last year, not a single ragging case had been reported, he said.

"Despite all the efforts, if any student involves in ragging, due punishment will be given depending on the nature of the case," he warned.

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