Wednesday, July 11, 2012

School students allege ragging, boycott classes

KANNUR: Plus One students of the Government Model Residential School at Pattuvam in the district boycotted their classes on Friday alleging that the school authorities are not taking action against the senior students who ragged them. The students who threatened to discontinue their studies later toned down their stance following assurance from the police that strict action would be taken against the culprits.

There are 67 Plus One students in the school which is run by the schedule tribe development department, under the chairmanship of the district collector. The students alleged that the seniors started harassing them in the hostel right from the second day after the classes began. They said that the seniors who stay in the first floor of the building would forcibly take them there and harass them. There are 72 Plus Two students in the hostel and a majority of them have been accused of ragging.

On Thursday, the seniors harassed the juniors physically and mentally and even damaged their belongings. Following the incident, the teachers, who stay in the nearby quarters, came and provided them protection. However, fearing that they might be ragged again, the students decided to leave the school on Friday. Though the principal, Radhakrishnan, assured to look into their grievances, the students were adamant in their stand, following which the police intervened.

The principal said 12 students who were involved in ragging have been identified. However, no police complaint has been filed so far. Meanwhile, the students complained that there is no security and basic facilities in the hostel and the building does not even have proper lighting. They also alleged that the manager-cum-resident staff is never present in the hostel. The school was in the news last year too when many students left without informing the authorities because of lack of basic facilities, including water. Though the school gets Rs 2 crore every year, there are allegations that a major portion of the fund is misused and the students are denied basic facilities.

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