Saturday, November 10, 2012

MBAs cry ragging, but Amity in denial

Two first year MBA students of Amity University have accused a group of seniors of beating them up for not addressing them as "sir". Police and the university have denied it was ragging. Sachin Chauhan and his brother, Amit Chauhan, who live in Sector 48 here, had gone to meet the director when they were beaten up on Monday.

"When we were waiting for our turn, 10 of our seniors came. They took us to a corner and asked us to call them 'sir'," said Sachin. "When we refused, they started beating us up. No one came to our rescue. Faculty members watched from a distance but didn't intervene," he alleged. Security guards and friends broke up the fight. Sachin called police but by then the group had fled.

The police took the two to the district hospital, where Sachin was given five stitches to the forehead. Amit's face has been bruised. The police have registered a case but not of ragging. SP Yogesh Singh accepted that the two were beaten up for not addressing seniors as 'sir' but said it was not ragging. The university took the same line. "This is not a case of ragging. The brawl started between two groups while practicing for a mega sporting event to be held Tuesday," spokesperson Savita Mehta said.

It was a minor dispute and a student had been suspended, she said, adding a panel would look into the matter. Ragging is banned across the country and government has said it should be dealt with sternly.

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