Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hisar ragging: Student thrashed, ends up in hospital

Hisar: A student of second year, Civil Diploma course in Shivalik Sikshan Sansthan, Hisar has alleged that he was subjected to ragging.

Ravindra Kumar has complained that his seniors misbehaved with him ever since he enrolled in the course. Kumar claims that he complained to the authorities in his institute but no action was taken. Talking to Bhaskar News, Kumar said he hails from a poor family and he lost his father in 2010.

He tolerated his seniors’ bad behavior towards him as he didn’t want to disrupt studies, he further said. On Thursday, Kumar was writing his session papers when he received a call asking him to come downstairs. When he went downstairs, a student took him outside the college on a bike. There, Kumar was surrounded by around a dozen students who thrashed him. Ravindra has told police that the students abused him and called him caste-names.

He fell unconscious and Kumar’s friends took him to a nearby hospital when they found him. Ravindra said earlier, he has been asked to pull down his trousers several times in the college.

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