Monday, June 13, 2011

Girl files police complaint against ragging at nursing college

Bhopal: A case of ragging in a girl’s college has been reported from the city. The complaint has been filed at the Gandhi Nagar police station by the victim who claimed to have been ragged.

According to police report, Dimple Tanwani (19), a first year B Sc (Nursing) student at the Pragyan College of Nursing, was ragged by Jennifer Thomas, Lina Verghese, Lily Naynon, and Seren Chako (all final year students). Dimple said that on Saturday, at around, 3:00 in the afternoon, the senior girls came to her room and abused her. They also asked her to talk to some boys over telephone which she refused and was then physically beaten by the four girls.

Dimple said that she was also threatened to be beaten again if any complaint to the college principal was made. She also said that Sunita Lawrence, the college principal, also tried to brush the issue under carpet when she informed her about the happenings by saying that all internal issues should be solved by amicable discussions. At this she was forced to raise the matter with her family members and decided to file a police complaint.

The college principal, however, has denied any ragging incident having taking place at the college.

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