Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cops suspect ragging complaint from Holkar College principal was a prank

Indore: No evidence of ragging was found in the Chandra Shekhar boys' hostel in police investigation on Tuesday. Police suspect the complaint received by Holkar College principal in this regard was a prank.

The police found no evidence of ragging in the hostel, as the students whose names have been mentioned in the complaint have not returned from their Diwali break till now.

Bhavarkuan police station in charge Anand Yadav told DNA that the complaint received by Holkar College principal was false. The unidentified complainant has not been tracked yet while others whom he accused of ragging are yet to come back from their hometown.

"We interrogated the students whose names were mentioned in the message and they denied of any such incident," said Yadav.

Holkar College principal Dr SL Garg was also present with the police during inspection.

"We unlocked the rooms to check if any student was locked inside as it was mentioned in the complaint message. But it was all fine. Students also denied of any such incident which allegedly took place on the weekend," he said. The police have confirmed that the names of all the 18 students including the senior and junior students who were allegedly a part of ragging mentioned in the SMS are the residents of the same hostel.

"We are trying to track the person who sent the complaint message to Dr Garg. Things will be clearer when the culprit is tracked," said Yadav.

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