Saturday, April 23, 2011

2 ragged, but no action as accused is MP’s son

April 18: Mr G. Tejaswi Raj, 23, a third year B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) student of Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS) and son of Telugu Desam MP, Ms Gundu Sudha Rani, reportedly harassed two junior students to do his work for him and then threatened them with dire consequences when they refused.

The issue came to light when six students of KITS were forced to approach the media after the Kakatiya University police station refused to register a First Information Report (FIR) against Mr Raj on Monday morning.

According to sources, Mr Tejaswi Raj was angered when Mr Anudeep, a second year CSE student of KITS, and two of his classmates, told him to write up his own practical notes as they had to prepare for their own internal exams. “Tejaswi sternly warned Anudeep that he would get rowdies to beat him up,” alleged Mr C. Harshvardhan, a friend of the victims, who mustered up the courage to approach the KU police station on Monday morning with their complaint.

Mr Harshvardhan told this newspaper that apart from pressurising his juniors to write his notes, Mr Raj often used to bring outsiders to the college campus in his vehicle, which intimidated other students. Mr Raj has denied all the allegations and called it an attempt to malign his mother.

When contacted, Mr K. Ravinder Kumar, CI, KU police station, said that no student from KITS had approached the station with a complaint against the MP’s son. “We have not registered any case against any KITS student as nobody has lodged any complaint with us,” he said, adding that he had deputed a police official to the college to enquire about any incident of wrongdoing following reports in the media. The KITS spokesperson, Dr C. Shayam Sunder, and Captain V. Laxmikant, secretary of the college, said ragging does not take place on the campus. However, they have not instituted any inquiry into the incident.

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