Thursday, October 08, 2009

Man hangs self day after lover jumps to death

October 7th, 2009

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM - A 25-year-old teacher hung himself here Wednesday evening, officials said. The incident comes a day after a girl who college authorities said was the man’s lover committed suicide by jumping off the fourth floor of her college building.

Sanooj hung himself in his home here Wednesday, a day after Greeshma Shanker, who is believed to have been his lover, died after jumping off the fourth floor of the CSI Medical College in the city suburbs.

After the incident, Shanker’s father Sashidharan had alleged that his daughter was subjected to ragging and hence took her life.

Wednesday morning several student organisations had marched to the college demanding action against the college authorities and also clashed with the police who prevented them from entering the college premises.

The college authorities, however, maintained that no ragging had taken place and instead said that the cause of her death was a love affair.

Hospital director Bennet Abraham told reporters that the girl had joined the course less than a week back and no ragging had taken place.

“The girl had a love affair and she had shown messages to her classmates that she received on her mobile from her lover. We have now given her mobile to the police,” said Abraham.

The last message believed to be from Sanooj came at 6.15 p.m. Tuesday evening and soon after the girl jumped from the building.

State Education Minister M.A. Baby told the media that a detailed probe would be conducted into the matter.

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