Friday, August 26, 2011

NIT Nepali students complain of ragging

HYDERABAD: The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal, was embroiled in a ragging row after some junior Nepali students complained against their seniors. While the NIT authorities said the matter would be probed, police warned the seniors of stringent action.

A senior police official said they had received information about the ragging menace on the campus. "We have deployed additional forces on the campus. We would deal sternly with those resorting to ragging," he warned. It is learnt that the juniors had dropped anonymous complaint letters in the hostel complaint box some time back, but no action has been taken against their tormentors. Sources said 35 Nepali students took admission this year and they were being harassed by over 70 of their senior compatriots. The petrified juniors complained to the NIT authorities that the seniors were holding them `captive' inside the campus.

It may be recalled that NIT was embroiled in a major controversy in March last year after its former director Y V Rao lodged a complaint with police against three students belonging to the Telangana region for ragging. The students had alleged that Rao, who hails from the Andhra region, was vindictive towards Telangana students. Sources said the ongoing Telangana movement has also come as an excuse for seniors to get away by ragging their juniors. "The seniors are indulging in criminal activities such as physical torture of girls and boys. Particularly, students from Andhra region are targeted," a student not wishing to be named alleged.

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