Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seniors thrash first-year medical student in Surat

SURAT: A first-year medical student has alleged that he has been ragged and attacked by his seniors in the wee hours of Saturday. Bhavani Singh has submitted his complaint to the dean of the Government Medical College, Surat. A committee comprising faculty members has been set up to inquire into the incident that took place in the GMC hostel at Majura Gate.

Singh has alleged in his complaint that four seniors had come to his room number 15 in the hostel around 12.30 am and took him downstairs where they thrashed him. However, some other senior students came to his rescue and alerted the college authorities who rushed to the spot.

GMC dean S K Vajpayee said, "The committee will find out whether it was a ragging incident or a fight among the students. So far no police complaint has been registered."

On Friday evening, a few seniors were playing cricket near the old boys' hostel. The ball went to the roof and those playing cricket shouted for Singh, who stays on the top floor, to get the ball. Since he was sleeping he could not go, Singh stated. The seniors attacked him for not following their orders.

They came to his hostel at around 12 midnight. He had asked his friend to lock the room from outside but the seniors found out that Singh was in the room. They broke the lock and took him downstairs and thrashed, Singh alleged.

"Since it was a fight over a cricket issue, it cannot be considered a ragging incident. We have not yet reached any conclusion and the matter is being investigated by the committee," said Vajpayee.

The college authorities also said the issue is between two groups of seniors who are at loggerheads with each other. One group had attacked Singh following which another came out to help him.

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