Monday, January 03, 2011

Ragging sparks campus violence, one critical

Last Updated 05:58(18/12/10)

Indore: An engineering college in the city witnessed violent clashes on Thursday night. One of the students of the college got critically hurt while others suffered minor injuries.

Sharp weapons were used in the campus violence that erupted allegedly after some junior students were ragged by the seniors.

An autorickshaw driver took three injured students – Swadesh Singh, Deepak and Dharmendra – of the Astrol Engineering College to MY Hospital at around midnight.

While Deepak and Dharmendra had minor injuries, Swadesh was attacked with a knife on chest, hand, legs, and back.

Swadesh said that his senior Sawan Patil, along with his friends Akash, Pawan and Sumit, entered their room while they were studying, took them outside and attacked them using sharp weapons.

According to Swadesh, the cause of the incident was ragging. He alleged that Sawan often used to trouble them and attacked them after they protested against his acts.

However, the police said that the violence erupted over an admit card. Both the groups had clashed over the issue on December 14 as well. They said that Sawan had gone to strike a compromise when the groups clashed again and violence erupted.

The police filed a cross complaint and took Sawan, Akash and Sumit in custody.

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