Friday, November 06, 2009

College girl leaps to death due to ragging

Hyderabad, Nov 5: Hardly before people could forget the tragic end of a woman boxer in the city,in another pathetic incident,a college girl jumped to death from her college building, allegedly due to ragging.

According to the police,Anusha,a II year degree student of the Villa Mary College in Somajiguda here has jumped from the III floor of the college building and died on the spot.

Her family members have alleged that Anusha was subjected to ragging by four students of the college and the college management has not taken any action against the miscreants despite several complaints. Anusha's mother said that the victim had told her about the harassment only on Thursday morning and she had assured her that she would come to the college and talk to the principal.Tears rolling down,she said that she had not expected her daughter to resort to this extreme step even before she could talk to the college authorities.

Immediately after the incident, the college management locked the gates and did not allow any media person inside.Anusha's body was sent to the Gandhi Hospital for postmortem.

Reacting to the bizarre incident, the authorities of the Board of Higher Education ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Anusha's relatives complained to the police that she told them that her classmates, Amruta, Iswarya, Nishita and Nikhita have been harassing her. Based on their complaint, the Punjagutta police said that they registered a case and started investigation into the allegation of the relatives.

Relatives are stating that Anusha was a sensitive girl. However, they said that they never thought that she would resort to the extreme step. When she complained about her classmates, they said that they thought it was a problem between friends and would subside by itself. The relatives said she stopped going to the college for some time and started again to go to the college only a few days ago. She has complained that the harassment has become more after that.

Meanwhile, the College authorities claimed that Anusha never complained of ragging or harassment to them.

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Anonymous said...

This is our national problem. Daily many students are committing suicide as there is no law and order for such criminals doing mental torture to juniors.
How long it will continue? Is there any administration in India?