Monday, June 30, 2008

[NDTV] DU to expel ragging offenders

Sonia Sarkar
Saturday, June 14, 2008 (New Delhi)

According to new tough rules by the Supreme Court's committee, now any student found guilty of ragging will be expelled from Delhi University.

That's the recommendation of the Raghavan Committee appointed by the SC and it's likely to be approved.

''Students if caught ragging, will be expelled. This is a modification, and SC is likely pass a final order on this soon,'' said Rajendra Prasad, Raghavan Committee member.

Till now offenders were only being suspended.

Other problems revolved around the fact that students had to file an FIR with the police, which was often unresponsive.

''Students if they are victimised can go to police and the police will definitely help. So, we have informed Inspector General of police/Superintendant of police,'' said R K Raghvan, Chairman of the Committee.

Other anti-ragging devices include helplines for each college and 24X7 counselling in hostels and on campus with students and teachers.

''We will put number of CCTvs in the most vulnerable spots inside the college like hostel corridors, canteens, gardens etc,'' said There are other measures also, Rajendra Prasad, Ramjas College principal.

On record that's leading to a very politically correct atmosphere.

This is a much-needed reassurance for freshers.

''If seniors ask us to sing or dance, it is okay but I will not let them force me to do anything vulgar,'' said Sakshi, a DU aspirant.

In the last year, 70 cases of ragging have been reported from all over the country.

Most of them were not resolved and no action was taken, even inquiries weren't conducted.

This year, the onus is on colleges and on their leaders to prove to the apex court that they're serious about protecting new students.

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