Friday, May 23, 2008

[MSN] CBSE steps in to check suicides

The rising rate of suicides among school children is a matter of great concern to the parents and school authorities. The Central Board of Secondary Education has made it mandatory for all affiliated schools to employ counsillors to help children cope with psychological pressure that often drive them to the extreme step.

CBSE has issued circulars directing that all senior secondary schools should appoint councillors during this academic session. If they are unable to make immediate appointment of councillors, they should train two of their teachers for this purpose.Secondary schools are also asked to follow this guideline if resources permit. Each school should conduct a minimum of 20 counselling sessions in an year.

The CBSE circular notes that ‘exercises in building self-concept, self-image, acceptability, ability to withstand pressures, sense of enterprises, sportsmanship etc. have to be part of the learning process’ and schools were instructed to provide planned and effective counselling to achieve this. Mentioning the status of the student in terms of his/her behaviour pattern in the school leaving and character certificates has been made mandatory.

A committee, popularly known as Raghavan Committee, constituted by the Supreme Court of India to make suggestions for prevention of ragging in educational institutions has also made a strong case for regular and periodic psychological counselling sessions for every student in the school.

Career guidance will be a vital part of counselling in CBSE schools.

CBSE has plans to introduce skill-based vocational courses that would enable students to get decent employment even after Plus II level. Fifteen such courses will be introduced in the next 3-4 years in association with leading industrial bodies like Nasscom and FICCI. A `health services' course and new academic subjects like graphic design and heritage craft are being introduced this year. The number of schools offering a course in financial management will be incresased from 90 to 120 this year.

Source: India Syndicate

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