Thursday, October 11, 2007

[CURE] Concerned students observe ‘No Ragging Day’

On the call of Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE,, “No Ragging Day” was observed Nationwide by concerned students today, 11th October. On this very day, in 2005, Amit Sahai of NIT Jalandhar committed suicide due to extreme ragging by jumping in front of a moving train. In the memory of Amit and the memory of all ragging victims, the “No Ragging Day” serves as a constant reminder that the society needs to wipe of ragging from the education system.

Given the recent spat of ragging incidents (52 in number), various deeply concerned college students across the Nation observed the No Ragging Day. Notable were the efforts of the students of Institute of Marketing & Management (IMM) at Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi. The campus was filled with posters on the ills of ragging and how many students have suffered due to this. The college authorities fully supported the campaign and proudly presented itself as a ragging-free campus.

Students at IMM, Qutub Enclave observing the No Ragging Day.

Mehul Tyagi and Lilly Jha (Members, CURE), students of first year spearheaded the campaign and spoke at length about the need of eliminating ragging. All first year students came in white t-shirts and observed 2 minutes silence at 11a.m. to remember all the ragging victims, who lost their life, had to leave college and suffered physical and mental torture. The atmosphere was solemn and many students remembered their days as freshmen and how they faced ragging.

After various rounds of discussion, all students agreed that ragging is a students’ problem and they have to work to uproot it from education. The day ended with a pledge to join CURE and work actively towards a ragging free India.

The “No Ragging Day” has become a symbol of National solidarity on the cause of ragging, where each student of the country is today deeply concerned about the issue. The student community looks for active support from the Ministry and the Supreme court to help achieve a ragging free India.

The No Ragging Day mantra: “No more ragging, no more torture, no more deaths... In friendship,respect and fun, May the New Indian Youth Arise

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