Wednesday, August 08, 2007

[CNN-IBN] Students beaten up by seniors | Ragging, the horror

Jamnagar (Gujarat): Bruised legs, scratched backs and fractured hands -- these are the scars of the ragging Purushottam Kumar and his friends have had to endure at the Balachhadi Sainik School in Jamnagar.

Fearing more assaults by their seniors, 43 Class X students ran away from the school on Sunday and spent the night on a nearby highway.

Says Purshottam Kumar, "They beat us up mercilessly. They even fractured my hand. So we had to run away from school."

The students say seniors in Class XI and XII tried to rag them a fortnight ago and when they resisted, they were beaten up.

The Class X students then decided to get back at their seniors. So on Sunday night, they assaulted some Class XI students and then escaped.

The school authorities claim they are taking necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Says Sainik School Principal, B C S Bharati, "By the time we found out how many had escaped, it was early in the morning. We are taking necessary action and everything will be ok."

However, parents of the students remain skeptical of these assurances.

Says a parent, Dilip Kachhadia, "No action has been taken as yet.They only make promises."

The image of the prestigious Sainik School is now at stake, as authorities struggle to deal with the ragging problem.

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