Sunday, March 18, 2007

[IE] Experts devise ways to check ragging

Lucknow, March 15: Representatives of several engineering and medical universities and other higher educational centres discussed ways of curbing the ragging menace in a meeting conducted here at the Yojna Bhawan on Thursday.

Representatives of medical education, department of UP suggested that a senior professor of the college should be designated as the chief proctor of the college, who shall be responsible for preventing ragging. He should be assisted by senior faculty members, wardens and security guards.

Echoing similar views, other officials also said every educational institution should ensure constitution of anti-ragging cell and members of this cell should take rounds of the hostels and residences of the students. If possible, they said, newcomers should be allotted a separate hostel. Experts observed that if a senior student is found ragging a junior students for the first time, he may be fined upto Rs 5,000. If a person is found to be a habitual offender, then his admission may be terminated and FIR filed against him for breach of peace. “If an institution is found encouraging ragging or not taking proper steps to prevent it, disciplinary action should be taken against it.’’ —ENS

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